Date: 16th July 2010 at 11:59am
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Cardiff City have been reported to The Football League by Charlton for their failure to pay us a transfer fee that is owed.

Mark Hudson was signed by The Bluebirds last summer for just over £1m, however The Championship club have so far only paid about half of that amount with £500,000 unpaid for the former Addicks skipper.

The missed instalment, which is desperately needed at SE7 has been reported so Cardiff (who have had a few problems this summer) will now have some questions to answer.

What is the thought among the Addicks followers on this site on the unpaid money from Cardiff, which has seen them reported to The Football League? Share these feelings below so we can discuss them.

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5 Replies to “Charlton Report Cardiff For Unpaid Hudson Fee”

  • We will take a good striker in lieu of the balance of the fee. I believe that they have one or two.

  • We’ve reported Charlton under the sale of goods act – we thought we were buying a defender and team leader, we got some kind of arthritic donkey with a square head…..

  • Dave Jones obviously didn’t read the small print did he as this was made perfectly clear to him, there was however nothing in any contract about not paying us our money! Cough it up Cardiff!!

  • Hudson needed a map and glasses to get some vague idea where he should be on the pitch…it’s always good to see one your useless players go and get a fee as well…well actually we are still waiting for the fee, but 1out of 2 isn’t bad….

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