Date: 17th January 2018 at 12:40pm
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Not having shown any interest in the plight of Charlton Athletic for some time C.A.R.D has remerged and is once again going to show some muscle towards the Duchatelet regime to force Richard Murray to explain the recent actions of the club.

Although I have not been a supporter of C.A.R.D I make no bones about being against them nor will I ever reverse my decision, but for once I have some sympathy for them on wanting to confront the club about recent events and staging a protest in front of the West stand before our game with Walsall.

The sale of Ricky Holmes was never in doubt, it was just a question of when. The sale price of £400,000 could be considered as not bad being he is approaching 31 years of age. Bad timing as it was when we are experiencing the lack of a goal scorer. Many Addicks felt he had served us well in the past, but recently his play was less than conclusive and very average. The once goal poachers instincts where not there anymore, and on that note, he probably did the right thing.

Thin as this has left the Addicks, we still have good players who can step into the boots of Ricky Holmes that is if we don`t lose Ezri Konsa to Everton. We already sold Lookman to Everton which upset supporters. Now it is almost certain that Konsa could be heading in the same direction. It is not the proposed sale that has brought about the renewed interest from CARD, it is the fact that none of the proceeds will be reinvested towards replacement players.

I agree there is a need for the club to explain recent events on both fronts, takeover and the sales of assets that has weakened the team and has made the sale of this fine club less variable. The takeover from consortiums might still be a long way off. Robinson needs to be reassured, and that`s where this planned action from CARD comes in with Richard Murray being the spokesperson who hopefully is going to deliver the right message to us the supporters and stop further action escalating both at the Valley and in Belgium.

I too want this club to push forward, but with things not moving onwards and players being sold without reinvesting this can only have an unsettling feel amongst supporters who in many cases have spoken by not coming to home matches.

Charlton has gone through some bad times in the past but has always survived because of its strong fan base. But now we don`t even have this for a show of strength. All we can hope for is that common sense prevails. The future of this club depends on the outcome which we hope will be a long and lasting one.