Date: 24th March 2020 at 10:58am
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Whilst the Coronavirus has been taking the world by storm closing shops and businesses amongst a wider range of other things. The football clubs who don’t have so much money to their names such as ourselves are diving into a future of uncertainty, maybe us more than other clubs with the whole boardroom dispute putting a spin on things.

Can you name every league position Charlton has finished in within the last 20 years? I bet you can’t but feel free to prove me wrong!

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Where did Charlton finish in the 2019/20 season?

One thing us Charlton fans need to hear is that The EFL have accepted Tahnoon Nimer’s proof of funds, apparently, he has submitted funds in five or six different documents from bank accounts and he is waiting on EFL approval, but that will not stop him from putting money into the club amid the Coronavirus outbreak.

Charlton’s majority shareholder spoke with Sky Sports News yesterday and he had this to say about the clubs future

“I will never let them down, we are ready to inject the money [since] day one [that] we arrived.

“If there is anything short-cut in the club we are going to support it. We will start on the pitch, we are going to start to maintain the club immediately, change the lighting, refurbish it. This is one of our plans we are going to do.”

Nimer also continued to talk about the latest in the boardroom battle as Matt Southall was removed for the club

“Matt Southall is no longer the chairman of Charlton Athletic, he has been removed and my authority as a major shareholder allows me to do this.

“He lied to the people actually when he said the club is safe until December. Now we are going to inject the money because we found that there is no money in the club.”

The lies from Southall really were heartbreaking when they came out and of course, we all felt betrayed thinking that he would be our savior, but at the end of the day, we let someone into our club who was worse than Roland and could have destroyed everything that generations of fans have built.

From the making of The Valley to the political party that got our home back, to the protests against Roland, everything our fans have done has always been for the good of the club and it will continue to be that way until the day the club dies.

Looks like Southall didn’t look into the history of the club as well as what he said he did if he thinks he could mess with our fanbase.

Let’s see what unfolds within the next week or so as Matt Southall said he will respond in due course, but that’s not the only thing we will be looking out for, we will also have our eyes firmly on The EFL as Nimer hopes to get approval from the governing bodies to inject money into the club.

Fingers crossed it all goes well!

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