Date: 4th April 2007 at 1:18pm
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Parkinson was all set to take over and was expected to be unveiled at a press conference on Wednesday morning.

But an hour before the conference, Parky phoned up the club and said he had decided to stay with The Addicks and manager Alan Pardew. A wise move.

A statement released by Terrier’s vice chairman Andrew Watson read: ‘Clearly this is a frustrating development for the club, supporters and other applicants.

‘Phil applied, attended two interviews – both of which we understand Charlton were fully aware of – and last Sunday he was offered terms. He shook hands with the board of directors and agreed to accept subject to a conversation with his wife.

‘On Monday Phil called to accept the position and told Charlton, where he is assistant to manager Alan Pardew. We had agreed he would continue in that role until the end of the season or until Charlton’s Premiership status was secured.

‘On Tuesday he called to reiterate and asked the club to tie up when the announcement would be made with Charlton chief executive Peter Varney.

‘Peter Varney called before lunch yesterday and both parties agreed to announce the appointment at 09.30 this morning.

‘Phil then called last night to say that Charlton had made him an unbelievable offer to stay at The Valley and he needed until this morning to decide.

‘Clearly this is frustrating news for everyone with the interests of Huddersfield Town at heart.’

Parkinson followed up with his own press statement to explain his change of heart.

‘I have had a change of heart. I have been enormously impressed with Huddersfield and the integrity of the board. It is a fantastic club with a great infrastructure which will go from strength to strength.

‘However, the lure of working with Alan Pardew and in the Premiership was not something I could walk away from.’

Now I can understand that the fans of Huddersfield are disappointed but you can`t blame our club. It’s Parky who has made you look stupid not us.

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19 Replies to “Parky Upsets Terriers”

  • Im please Phil is staying he and Pardew are doing a top job and why would we want to break up a well working team?

  • The club new he was being interviewed and left it till he got offered the job, if he didnt get it fine, if he does we will offer him more money to stay, given the situation that Huddersfield have been left in, that is very disrespectful to us by Charlton as a club.

  • What did their fans expect though? It’s a massive step down and im sure he is worried it would turn out like Hull. He needs Pards to hold his hand.

  • You what mate? Pathetic. Hardly your the nobody club who can even attract our no 2 just shows you who is the pathetic club now gel on

  • Galpharm Pardew has obvisouly decided he didnt want to lose his no 2 so the club has acted to keep him. As ive said before if he wanted the job he would have grabbed it with both hands. Money shouldnt have been the only reason he wanted to go to you, if it was your better off without him.

  • I think Parky is still learning. He’s young and has a lot to find out in the game. He will develop better at The Valley under Pardew than trying to go it alone in the lower leagues.

  • If you look at the Vital Hudds website, I think the feeling is that it should not have got to the press conference stage, before Charlton stepped in, if they wanted to keep Parky they should have said so long before they did to allow Huddersfield to save face, its been badly handled. Apologies for Terriers he’s put that on the Hudds site too.

  • Dont believe everything your chairman is telling you. He has to blame our club because he’s got egg on his face. I cant see charlton offering him massive cash to stay he is only our no 2.

  • Parky pulled out Charlton didnt put the block on the move. Why would we allow him to be interviewed in the 1st place? Things happen in football we as fans never understand.

  • If your club did things like us you wouldnt be in this situation. Our official site never reports on new signings until its been sealed. And we would never call a press conference until it was all completed. Your club has messed up so go complain to them.

  • I don’t blame Parky for turning your lot down. If he had signed and then changed his mind after a month how would you feel. He was never 100% sure he wanted to sign and therefore he has done what he thinks is the right thing.

  • Huddersfield look foolish, Parkinson looks cowardly, and Charlton look like they wanted to save a bit of cash ,by seeing if he got the job first therefore not having to offer Parky more to stay and that saving that bit of cash was more important than leaving Hudds with a bit of self respect, its poor all round from everyone involved. But hey life goes on good luck in your relegation fight and yes better we learned about him this way.

  • Parky just had interview with sky news. he said its not money he hasnt changed his deal at the valley yet. So your feelings are wide of the mark.

  • Parkinson added: “It’s not at all (about the money). I have not firmly agreed a deal to stay with Charlton yet.

    ……”They have spoken about a deal, ……….but it is the ambition of testing yourself and working at the highest level.

    that means its about money, and they have offered him a deal to stay ! poor show all around.

  • He spoke about his new deal before you came calling though. He joined in Jan until end of season.

  • Lets face it their fans are going to be pi**ed off and so will blame us. But Parky is staying so we all need to get on with it. We have a relegation battle to worry about.

  • They shouldnt have made any press announcements until the deal was signed done and dusted. It’s as simple as that. Now lets get back to talking about CAFC

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