Date: 19th October 2010 at 12:15pm
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The pressure on Phil Parkinson grew even more on Saturday when Charlton were hammered at The Valley.

Brighton & Hove Albion’s 4-0 win was our worst defeat at The Valley in two-years, and that defeat (5-2 against Sheffield United) proved to be the final game that Parkinson’s predecessor Alan Pardew was in charge for as he was sacked soon after.

Parkinson is under increasing pressure as the fans have started calling for him to go, with these calls stronger on Saturday, however he has no intention of resigning answering quite emphatically when asked if he would, Parkinson said: “No!”

He also said that he didn’t feel under and more pressure than usual, adding: “Any manager, every week, is under pressure.

“If you’ve been beaten 4-0, I suppose you’re going to feel more pressure than if you’ve won 4-0.”

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5 Replies to “Parky Emphatically Says He’s Staying”

  • I disagree…this is not just one bad performance…this is a pattern that keeps repeating itself….the blame must fall to the manager…they are his players!!!

  • Bit on the day its the players that play foot ball, its not the managers fault if they play bad. Yes he may make the tack ticks but the players still have to have the skill to carry them out and score goals. Its up to the players to use thier skill to win. The manager just comes up with ideas on how they do it.

  • He’s laid down his marker though hasn’t he that he has no intent of walking away so it is down to Murray now…..

  • Well yes it is down to the maager…if they do not perform, do you just say oh well!…never mind not much the manager can do …that is nonsense…the manager is probably the only one who can sort it out with coaching, tactics, signings, training, installing confidence…do you agree or not…or is that we have rubbish players not fit to wear the shirt

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