Date: 4th October 2017 at 11:42am
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The reason I chose this heading is because I can`t get my head around why readers find articles that condemns individuals more important than a write up praising the team for an outstanding performance. Many of my articles have been about the unsavoury antics performed by our supporters in the name of C.A.R.D. Every time I wrote ridiculing and condemning the actions that saw some real underhanded performances from our supporters. The response I received was over whelming and not always very pleasant I admit. But I accepted these feed-backs for what they meant to demonstrate and brushed them to one side because everyone is entitled to an opinion, within reason.

Since the start of the new season, the Addicks have had reasonably good start with 11 games played, three losses. Yes two losses came from teams who are at the foot of the table and I get it, we should have won them no doubt about that. But we didn`t and as I see it, it has not prevented us from getting some very good wins on the road. Yet readers rather hear about the next blunder someone makes or who is going to tear someone from limb to limb.

We can`t have it both ways is the heading. I`m not the only one who thinks there is more emphasis on bad press than on something that deals with the heart of the matter, the progress of the team, Charlton Athletic. We the supporters should distant ourselves from matters that are the clubs problems to issues arising on the pitch that are far more important and should be on every supporters agenda first and foremost.

A good start would be to read about the progress our team is doing whether at home or away makes all the difference. The other way to make a statement is for the Valley to be supported by the support that shows our team that we do care and are behind them one hundred percent. I write my match report with a lot of passion and feel a sense of over whelming sadness when the response to something I`m very passionate about received the thumbs down from readers of News now.

I have changed my stance in the way I present my articles because enough has been said regarding past attitudes towards the club and the team`s inability to perform through bad mismanagements. But I will retract my statement if things return to the earlier days of Duchatelet reign that saw the club being torn apart by its own supporters. It was unpleasant and at the end of the day, proved nothing.

It has been a long road in getting our team to believe in themselves. Karl Robinson has infused that belief in our boys which shows in the passion they have returned by giving their manager performances to savour. Now all that is missing are the support at games to give back something to the boys and wiling them on to success to bring back the pride of South East London the North Stand supporters are singing about each match day. We have it in our grasp to get out of this division, all we need is the support that makes up the extra man.


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