Date: 30th October 2018 at 1:57pm
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So the interview with Jim White has concluded and what did we learn from this interview? It was more of confirmation of what we already knew, he doesn’t care about the club, he has no time for the club and he blames the fans for the downfall.

The man is deluded and he is the reason for our downfall. He did some things that you don’t hear of such as bringing in players without telling the manager which is just unbelievable, plus most of them were just awful such as Yohann Thuram, Simon Makienok, Anil Koc and Reza Ghoochannejhad and many others that were not very memorable players it was more like they come here and then they leave and they are forgotten about forever.

Back in the 90s, we had players who would stick to your minds and even in the 00s too. We had players like Steve Brown, Mark Kinsella and Paolo Di Canio just to name a few and you would never have forgotten that they played for Charlton because no matter how long or how short they were at the club, they showed passion and love for the team and put in a hard day’s work out on the pitch. However that all came to an end when Roland showed up and started interfering with match day squads.

Within that interview Jim White also said to Roland that he is a billionaire it wouldn’t matter to him if he fell a little short on what he wanted to sell the club for, so just sell the club and he replies with “yes, that’s what I try to do” and after Jim keeps on telling him to sell the club over and over again he still replies with the same answer.

For me, I’m just not buying into that. Roland is looking for a specific price, a price that is way out of range for anyone that wants to buy a club of this size. I have heard £50million to £75 million, no one is going to pay that for Charlton so if he is serious about selling he needs to put the asking price down and he needs to do it now because the longer he is at the club, the more damage he will do to everything that we have built.

I know everything the fans have put themselves through to keep this club alive through the times when we did not have The Valley, the passion was injected by those who were willing to spend their own time in getting their football club back where it belongs. Since Roland has come in the feeling of all of that has disappeared.

Although the passion has devolved through recent years it’s not over for any of us, we have to put our own passion back in the club that is something we all NEED to do. Go to as many games as you can, sing your hearts out even if you are not one of those fans who sing just do it anyway every little thing we all do together will make this club stronger and stronger as the years go on with passionate support from all of us. The club needs it, we need it and the players need it, so don’t let this man take away your passion and love for the club you support the only way we get through this is by smashing through it and I know each and every one of us has that in us we just got to let it out and support the team with everything we got. I hope everyone can take this message on board.

Special thanks to Jim White and TalkSport for putting this interview together!

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