Date: 5th January 2018 at 1:38pm
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Whatever some readers think of how I conduct my articles. The only thing that matters is that the Addicks need to get out of division one and at the present rate they are playing their football, the chances of achieving their goal are slim to almost impossible.

Whether Duchatelet sells or not makes no different. The casks is set. The team has moulded themselves into this unit of no hopers and should expect nothing more than they are receiving with performances against lesser sides being the perfect example that labels them, none achievers.

Each week we the supporters expect our team to compete at the highest level. Each week we are subjected to under par performance with mistakes after mistake made at the back which honestly are reminiscent to School boy football and not professionals as our players like to be called.

I`m quite aware of the shortfalls that has gripped our team, and therefore should be allowed express my views in whatever way I see fit and not be ridiculed for writing an opinion.

Freedom of speech is something that we in England still have at our disposal and I like to think along with many like me we will always be able to write freely without someone intervening with comments that really are very immature and pointless.

I have for some time wanted to get this of my chest. I probably will get into hot water for reacting. But at this moment in time I`m very hurt and quite honestly don`t give a fiddlers f—.