Date: 11th July 2017 at 6:21pm
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‘Stay away Peter, stay away Paul, come back Peter, do me a favour don`t bother coming back at all!’ If supporters who choose to mimic the nursery rhyme just because they have a massive chip on their shoulder regarding our owner and the way he is conducting affairs in his club, then do what you have been doing for the last two seasons and stay away. You all have proved, you are not supporters or fans of this club. Needless to say, your actions might yet to be very costly. What the team needs now are supporters who are prepared to support them through what might be a very difficult season. Difficult because we have a duty to show our support towards the club that is a big part of our community, and staying away will do nothing to improve things.

Anti-social behaviour has no place within the compound of the stadium. If all the unrest from the past two seasons is going to rear its ugly head again it will be a real shame. I get the feeling, judging by the continuation of nasty and spiteful comments that surface on social media that this could be a real possibility. Any so-called supporter who took part in all the unrest that blighted the Addicks` last season that have any conscience at all would admit that it has achieved nothing. They should turn their backs on the agitators.

The ‘Stay Away Peters and Pauls` have followed many who have listened to the voice of anarchy without listening to their own conscience first. I`m convinced that the team of last season would have done much better throughout the campaign if they had real support from all the supporters. They proved without a shadow of doubt that the eagerness was there when they rallied at the end to secure our league one status.

Why are my headings ‘How sad have we become?` and ‘What have we look forward too?` I will tell you! Forget the season from hell that has burnt itself out. Our focus should be on the forthcoming event. Karl Robinson has mustered together a strong team with many players from last season featuring in his plans. The good news is that Ricky Holmes has finally signed for a further three years. It also looks like we have secured Tony Watt who scored two goals in the win over Crumlin yesterday. Ahmed Kashi, Naby Sarr and Christian Ceballos had run-outs in Ireland. Ok, not the strongest opposition and it would be wrong to compare this game to a league venue but a solid start to the campaign of friendlies designed to bring the team together that Robinson is looking for to start when the season begins.

On reflection on how our team has started it would be wrong to deny them a good start by not turning up to support what many over the past seasons were cribbing about, the lack of decent players to compete in the hardest league to get out of. I believe Robinson has got the balance just right. He believes in his squad will be a force in division one. But he can`t do this on his own. He needs the backing from the Charlton faithful`s. Not only those who have stuck with the team, but all who kept on saying they love Charlton with passion but then show it by boycotting games.

It is indeed sad to read that Millwall has sold more season tickets than we have for the first time in 20 years. This is really sad and very hard to absorb. I and many who think we have taken two steps forwards and three backwards know in our hearts who is responsible for this disastrous sale of season tickets. One might argue this could be because they have achieved promotion to the Championship and will be playing better teams. True. But looking at the way things have simmered and are not likely to cool anytime soon, I doubt if should the situation be in reverse, we would have done any better.

Shame on all those who are killing Charlton Athletic. There will be no point in having remorse on the way you tried to remove Roland from the Valley if you sacrificed your Club, Charlton Athletic, in the process.

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  • complete and utter b*llocks.

    we played rubbish football all year last year because the first team was picked to pieces for cheap profit. any self respecting football fan would want a owner who has the playing side of the club as his sole priority, not taking dips out of the club accounts.

    people who write articles like this are usually plants from the club or have absolutely no clue whatsoever.

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