Date: 8th January 2018 at 12:13pm
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The weather has gone cold and so have any takeover bids that were busing around before Christmas. What should we make of all the hype we were subjected too that had many talking and looking forward to a better future? I don`t have a crystal ball that could to predict what the club and the team could be doing by the end of this season, but I do have a good eyesight and a mind of my own and are seeing and feeling a further decline in this once vibrant family club.

It is abundantly clear Duchatelet is not prepared to part with his investment cheaply. The price tag for this third tear club might look like peanuts to investors in the upper grade that is the Premiership, but in the lower division it is a massive amount of money especially when the clubs working practices have been subjected to a vast amount of contriversary that does not make Charlton a viable proposition.

Our plight is clear for all to see, but this is where everything has hit the buffers. Duchatelet is not investing in new players which has angered Robinson who was hoping that the January window will bring in much needed new players to strengthen the squad that has been depleted through injury. This dejection by Duchatelet, Robinsons may question his managerial position and who would blame him. This is a two-way road. Robinson gets what he needs, or Duchatelet continues to shun him and that will leave the gaffer pondering his next move.

All this indecision can`t be good for the team who is finding it hard to muster up a win that has seen our league position continue at a downward spiral. Ok, Robinson has his team playing in reverse. Our excellent league position has evaporated which has left us a mountain to climb. We did manage a win abide an awful performance with only a glimmer of genius from loanee Stephy Mavididi from Arsenal.

If Duchatelet has no intention of selling the club sometime soon, then I would have thought by investing in players that have a good pedigree would be in his best interest. It would make Charlton more attractive to serious investors not the maybe hopefuls who don`t have deep enough pockets and are building up an unnecessary frenzy amongst supporters.

It is imperative that the slump of £500k losses each month is halted which does not look good for our club let alone to any possible buyer. The answer to all our problems lay within in the clubs owner and it is very simple to rectify. You can see everything that we do as supporters. You bought this club as an investment. Your losses are spiralling. The support for the team and club is disappearing at an alarming rate. You are a businessman that is letting your business drain down the toilet. Duchatelet needs do something now while we still have a club. Another rescue package is out there somewhere, don`t hinder this because of stubbornness` it is his call, don`t waste it.

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