Date: 14th January 2018 at 10:34am
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The takeover bandwagon is gaining momentum and with the team coming through adversity to grind out a victory, Karl Robinson could be forgiven, but it seems he had little choice in naming only five substitutes for this game against the Shakers. Bury where undone by the individual brilliance of Mark Marshall who was labelled on Facebook recently as ‘useless` by a disgruntled fan.

A bit harsh comment considering Marshall has not been the only player under performing in many of the games the Addicks should have won. I have been critical of many of our players as well in past weeks, none more than Ricky Holmes. Holmes, although thirty now, was our best player last season. This season however his contribution has been far from spectacular, in some way his performance level has took a new low that many were starting to question.

There was something very wrong in his skill level. The ability to take on players had all but evaporated and on numerous occasions he was upstaged which was something unthinkable with someone of his talent. But every reason has a new chapter. It was no secret that Holmes was a target for Sheffield United. Signing a new three year deal was just a smoke screen that blinded us from seeing the real Holmes who was never happy staying with Charlton. The first opportunity he saw in finding a way out, he took it. I say good riddance, they are welcome to him for his presence on the hallow turf is only welcome if the desire is there.

It leaves the Addicks very thin on the player`s front. Duchatelet has vetoed any introduction of new recruits to Robinson`s playing staff which has left the gaffer frustrated and the window of opportunity shut for the foreseeable future. Stabbed in the back by the very person who could have made all the difference. Can we really say, Charlton is an attractive proposition? Not really. A new owner wants his investment to gain him security. It`s a bit like buying a house and then finding after the contracts were signed the last owner has removed some of the vital clauses that made the contract binding.

Investments need to be sound. The turbulence suffered at Charlton will unsteady the ship, the club and team will have the same problems that saw the tide rise preventing the supporters from taking part in rebuilding the fan base which is the mainstay of any football club. Robinson will be aware of his position as manager if the takeover will happen as forecast by the 18th of January. Although I also have been very critical of Robinson`s performance in recent games, having said this, it makes no sense to bring in someone new at this stage of the season.

The team has gone through a rough passage which has seen their league position suffer. They have now regained some passion which is rewarded by restoring a play-off place, and with the right belief in their own ability, I for one can`t see any reason why we should not contest this spot come the end of the season.

Robinson has been dealt a bad hand by circumstances that are beyond his control. All this however will test his metal as a manager. So far he has said that there is no way he will walk away from Charlton. For all his faults he has been guilty of to openly proclaim his passion for the Addicks and to see the job through, I take my hat off to him. No manager`s job is easy. These are made more unpleasant by the constant uncertainty surrounding a backroom involvement from those who are responsible in holding this club together.

I hope whoever takes on the club`s future does it for the right reasons. What Charlton can`t afford is another recoil of the scenes that engulfed this family club by the hands of agitators bent on bringing the owner Duchatelet to his knees. Onward and upwards should be the motto. The past should be that. I for one would welcome everyone one who has made this promise that a new ownership would bring back their support. We will see!