Date: 2nd January 2018 at 2:21pm
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Football is a game of determination, teamwork, and most of all believing in that what is given is impacted in the hearts and minds of all the supporters who have stuck by the team. At Charlton there should be no better indication of what those two words mean.

Determination is the persistence in continuing to do something even when it is difficult. In short, using the excuse that we don`t have the players to compete is not cutting it with the majority of supporters who pay good money to watch their team and expect in return a performance to match the price of the entrance ticket.

Teamwork simply means an organized effort as a team. Just of late, we have succumbed to being second best against teams that have shown in their own ability that their performances equal their league position. That is until they are entertained by the Addicks who have become very generous in gifting three points by not competing at a higher level when confronted by strugglers.

Many thoughts have been bandied about why the team has folded in recent games. I can give my own views on why that might be. Straight away I`m thinking that the players don`t want to play for Robinson. I`m sure I saw glimpses of this on a few players as they came onto the pitch. Heads held down. No bounce in the steps as they prepared to line up for the usual handshake. This negativity reflected on the way they went about the game in the first 45 minutes. Again, because of the lack of teamwork and understandings amongst individual players, we were humiliated within 12 minutes when our defence went AWOL against Gillingham who are sitting below us in the league.

This brings me to the point, who is to blame? There is of course many factors that have contributed to what we are now reaping. But they are water under the bridge and should not be interfering with the present situation we are finding ourselves in now.

Our decline down the table is unacceptable on many fronts. Robinson has a group of players and I find myself again having to repeat my sentiments that they are very capable in bringing about results especially at home where home advantage plays a big part in bringing results. This unfortunately has been further from the truth. The team have let down the fans. Their performance against lower teams has been abysmal. Why do we subject ourselves to the standard of playing at the pace that suits opposing teams, who then railroad us and inflict punishment that we sadly deserved by not playing to our full potential?

All this aside. Robinson has a clear avenue to follow. The window of Charlton`s future is open. He needs to show some real grit and make his plans very clear to Duchatelet who holds the key that will unlock the door. Never mind the hype that surrounds a possible take-over that might never happen. At this moment in time we are in the grips of Duchatelet who has to realise any further damage inflicted on the team and Charlton collectively hamper any possibility of a take-over. Who in their right mind would want to pump money into a club that is failing?

I leave you with these thought, make up your own minds.