Date: 10th January 2018 at 12:11pm
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Can somebody please come up with some positivity so that this nightmare can be put at rest? It is bad enough that our team is not performing as well as expected without us the supporters having to put up with a lot of conjecture from reports that have confused things threefold.

Whatever fans have thought about Duchatelet takeover initially, we at least had an owner in place that for the early part of his ownership we knew where we stood. Now it appears so many rumours are floating about that quite honestly many are starting to believe the whole takeover business is no more than a pipe dream.

How can we take any of these hearsay accounts seriously? We have been subjected to consortiums involving Australians and someone from England also put in their pennies worth. What comes to mind? Piecrust promises easily made easily broken.

What we need is someone who has the best interest of Charlton at heart. Someone who can revive the clubs fortunes and bring back all that is missing from this club without destroying it further.
Are there such persons out there who can deliver and reintroduce the pride back into this South London`s club?

The club had its fair share of drama. From the glory days of the Premiership which saw the best part of support. We had two relegations that has turned this club back years. We have struggled in past seasons to make any impact to regain our place back in the big times. In between, we had seasons from hell caused through mismanagements and bad decision making. Yet in spite of all that has past, we could be great again.

It is not going to happen overnight.

The past two home games we had visitors from a different part of England. Scotland to be more precise. Former Rangers manager Alex McLeish who has not been in a managerial post for five years according to reports. He along with former Ibrox director Donald Muir were sitting in the West Stand. Why they were there is anyone guess. Of course this has started many speculations in why they are even there watching a Charlton match.

I`m in the dark along with many who have seen their presence. Many supporters are so keen to see the back of Duchatelet. It is my guess that they would take any possibility that would change the present situation at Charlton. I say to them, be careful what you wish for. Any unknown quality might change the face in the boardroom, but has the change brought about the harmony and contentment desired by all supporters who are against the Duchatelet regime.

One thing is for certain. This club Charlton Athletic has to become stable again. All this are we, aren`t we, is not just affecting the whole structure of the club, it could have a long lasting effect on the future, the future that belongs to us, our children and our children`s children. The future of Charlton Athletic. It must never be allowed to die.