Date: 19th September 2018 at 9:59am
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It finally looks like some movement will be made in the Roland Duchatelet situation as the EFL will be meeting with Roland himself and his representative Lieven De Turck.

In an era where rogue owners are an ever growing cancer to the livelihood and passion in the football game, the EFL are looking on meeting with Roland Duchatelet next month to ‘gain a full understanding of the current situation at the club’.

This meeting that the EFL have set-up will not only show what the future holds for Charlton, but it will also give a full insight on how the EFL stands in situations like this because something needs to be done to rid football of people like Duchatelet. There is too much of it swimming around the lower leagues these days and in some cases, I’m surprised something has not been done yet. Take Blackpool as an example, Karl Oysten has completely ripped the heart out of that club within just five seasons Blackpool went from the Premier League to League Two. Things like that don’t just happen naturally and to be honest even I am sickened by the way Blackpool have just been ignored by the EFL after all this time, something needs to be done!

There are parts of this situation that I don’t entirely understand myself, last year former Leeds owner Massimo Cellino was banned after breaching the rules on football agents. Now why I say I don’t understand is because out of all of the clubs in the same situation Leeds were the ones who were better off than Charlton, Blackpool and Coventry just for some examples. So if the FA will step in and ban Cellino for something like this, why not ban Duchatelet, Oysten and Sisu for what they have done? It just doesn’t make sense to me why they would let former Premier League teams drop down the leagues at the fault of the current owners, but using an unauthorised agent is seen as worse by theFA than sucking the passion out the club and bleeding them dry.

I just hope something can be done for Charlton and all the other clubs that have unfortunately been affected by owners like this.

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