Date: 1st February 2019 at 10:31am
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Welcome to word on the tweet where we gather the recent goings-on in and around Charlton on Twitter. Transfer deadline day is the main topic and after a very underwhelming end to January, Charlton fans were not best pleased about our newest signing Josh Parker…

Yes it’s not the most ideal signing for us, but what can we do with Roland calling the shots with the money, honestly as I’m sitting here writing this article my blood is boiling, I’m just so angry at the fact that Roland is not putting money that is rightfully ours back in to the club when that is what we NEED why can’t he understand that we can’t get anywhere in football these days without spending a bit of money, he’s a cancer to the club and the sooner he goes the better.

I honestly don’t know how he can turn around and basically tell us we can’t have any money, god knows what the end of the season is going to bring with all these players out of contract, that’s what I’m scared about the most.

Obviously, everything the fans are saying is understandable we pay every week to watch our team and for all our money that we spend on this club to just go in his pocket is absolutely despicable. I thought the EFL had spoken to Roland about all this? Seems like they don’t care either as long as they can get as much money as they can to do as little as possible, they’re happy. Something needs to be done but all I can see happening right now is CARD and the protests kicking off again because I’m sure a lot of other fans are angrier than I am right now. Action will be taken.

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