Date: 8th June 2016 at 11:57am
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A new beginning. We all hope this will be so. Russell Slade is aware that there have been many unrests at The Valley producing some of the high pitch demonstration that Charlton the club have witnessed against its owner Roland Duchatelet. To force him to sell up because a vast amount of supporters fear by him continuing being the owner will pull this club further down the League table come next season. Last season was a total disaster with coaching staff being sacked at a rite of one every two to three months, no wonder the team went from bad to worse with all this upheaval surrounding the players. With no stability amongst our players the only outcome we could expect was relegation which in itself was very damaging because it has now left the club with season tickets sales the lowest they have been for decades.

Discontentment destroys faith. Faith will only be restored when contentment is evident, not only amongst the players but throughout the clubs structure starting with building a new squad to take this club out of the third tier and back where we belong. Russell Slade hopes that his appointment at Charlton represents a ‘`new beginning“ for the club. Slade admits he was aware of the level of frustration among supporters but says the club wants to ‘`reconnect“ with the fan base.

I wish him all the success in dealing with something that has been dismantled by months of bad decision making on and of the pitch. Ms Meire is not known for diplomacy and has made some very harsh comments that have upset namely Peter Varney regarding his takeover bid for Charlton. I quote: Peter Varney has demanded Ms Meire retracts her comments regarding his takeover bid and a move away from the Valley. It was stated that the buy-out from Varney`s investors would lead to Charlton leaving their SE7 base. Unquote.

I read somewhere else that the above was true and a move was on the cards. Whatever the reasons of the above, to my mind it is a little too far-fetched. Why would the move away from the Valley benefit Charlton as a going concern. We will watch the proceedings in the next 48 hours this is how long Meire has to respond. Meanwhile back to our new manager. Slade is professional enough to know, it will take best part of the season to build the fan base that has been systematically destroyed by a continuing blinkered approach to something that was blatantly obvious to us the supporters, but failed to get a response from those that had it in the their power to correct their failings.

However, on the transfer possibilities, Slade would be advised to act swiftly and secure some of the players that are there for the taking. I have it on good authority that Duane Holmes has been realised by Huddersfield on a free and could be Slade`s first signing. Holmes is a midfielder and only 21 years old and would be a good addition to our depleted squad. The transfer market will appeal to Slade it is full of rich pickings. Apart from the above, there are further players who could be part of the Addicks set-up come the new season. George Moncur is high on the list of possibilities would also benefit our team.

Then there is Ricky Holmes who is also available and could be another option. Last season class players were in short supply which if we had these at our disposal we might never be in the position we are in presently. It goes without saying a manager who could infuse the needed talent within the team was sadly lacking as well. Russell Slade has the ability to bring back the Addicks of the past if he is allowed to manage the players at the pace that suits each person`s personal footballing skills. Installing players in their rightful place on the pitch. Bring in a good balance, how can he fail?

Some users on Facebook are saying that Slade is nothing more than a yes man. I stand to correct those who had a need to put down our new man at the helm before he had a chance to prove himself. I personally get the feeling that Slade is a no nonsense kind of man who will take interference from those who have very little knowledge of the game with a pinch of salt. Anyone who could work with Tan and his strange views of how his club and team should present themselves has my vote of confidence. Roland might not be seen as a knight in shining armour by many supporters who demonstrated against his handling of club affairs, but like or not, he is not going to walk away from Charlton, but what does need to be done, is to relieve Ms Meire of her duties before her outspokenness gets her into real hot water. It is clear that this person has no idea of how to handle herself under pressure and has lashed out at whom she pleases. A vote of no confidence works in government so why not in football. I will leave it there, you decide?

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