Date: 15th February 2019 at 11:41am
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Oh Roland when are you ever going to learn you need to spend money to make money in football, seems like he will never learn, but why does he think like this? Well it’s all his own doing. He was running the club badly from the off and because of those bad decisions it had led him to believe there is no money to be made in football.

If Roland ever starts understanding that if he invested a couple million each year into the club it would make a huge difference everywhere and even make a difference to his bank account when we win promotion. I remember when he came out and said ‘if you want to lose money, go in to football’ well the only reason he lost so much money is because he was letting Katrien do all the work instead of hiring a CEO with actual experience of running a football club and when we did spend money it would just be on players who have never played in England. We would get the occasional player who was actually decent, but it just didn’t happen often enough to take the club forward when we needed to.

I even remember Katrien coming out and saying we don’t know what a player is going to be like until we buy them. Now that right there just shows we are just squandering the money and that is probably why Roland does not want to invest any more.

Things like this led to numerous managers coming in and out of the door with no real experience in a serious footballing country, just people from Israel and the Belgian third division. We all know who I’m talking about.

Now, Roland can fix this still, although he obviously does not want to but just give Bowyer that free agent, I mean how much is this really going to affect Roland’s day to day life? I know he is trying to balance the books at The Valley, but the longer he stalls on the sale of the club or the longer we stay in this league he is just going to keep losing money unless we do something about it and we need to boost our chances for promotion if he is going to make any money at all.

I heard a rumour floating around that the club was losing at least a million each month and Roland seems to think that stripping the team of its best players and/or keeping the squad slim is going to save him money, yes it will defiantly do it for about a month and then after that your straight back to square one. In the long run you need to spend the money to make the club successful and whilst doing that he will make himself successful as a football owner, but let’s be honest it’s never going to happen and he needs to sell up as soon as possible.

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