Date: 28th June 2017 at 5:31pm
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The new season just six weeks away, there are already rumours that the sale of season tickets have hit rock bottom. No price for guessing why this is. Last season the club and the team went through some of the worse interruptions ever seen at the Valley. Conducted through an organisation that invented itself on the assumption that if they receive enough followers they would force the hand of the owner to sell up and return the Valley to its former glory. A pipe dream.

They controlled the terraces, they controlled the forecourt, they controlled the supporters, but most of all they introduced hatred that divided supporters whose loyalty was still with the club to the point that many because of the constant disruption stayed away rather than be drawn into a fight that will have no winners. It was senseless and without reason and to continue with the same is without foundation.

Who qualifies and who just comes along to cause mayhem because a small group are preaching their own brand of hate against the owner by stirring up enough of a frenzy that all who listen to this tribe become totally intoxicated and lose their own ability to function by themselves.

Who is a true supporter? A true supporter will stand up in what he or she beliefs is just. By this I mean have a mind of your own and don`t be led by a load of agitators whose only aim is to disrupt and cause enough discontentment wherever possible. A true supporter will stand up against anarchy where rules or no principles are followed, in short it spells complete disorder and chaos in the wake of these actions.

What makes a supporter? A supporter will follow the team through thick and thin. It was said, the reason the club was introduced to this pressure group was, to bring attention to the owners that the supporters were not contented to sit back and let the club be destroyed through mismanagement whether on the pitch or from the back-room staff. The supporters are doing a great job all by themselves.

Ok,last season this organisation who everyone knows and does not need introduction, went about systematically to inflict misery to the club by interrupting games in a very childish manner. Designed to bring attention to themselves and invite gullible so called supporters to do their dirty work and to show the rest of football how foolish the Addicks supporters have become to be drawn into this act of vandalism.

Are these true supporters? Not really. There is a saying: you can`t please all the people all of the time, but some of the people some of the time. Mindless interruptions most probably will continue this coming season because nothing has changed. Roland is still the owner, the CEO is still running things. It is up to all those who thought what this would achieve, to think again and ask themselves a vital question: How do you see this club say in five years from now? If what was brought to my attention bears any truth, then I see no future for Charlton in its spiritual home. Is this what all these so called supporters want because they are following a lost cause?

It would be wrong and totally unacceptable for the disruptions of last season to continue into the new campaign. It should be clear to all who have some conscience that a repeat of all the upheaval from C.A.R.D will be futile and might lead to more than they bargained for.

Why am I writing this? Because I`m passionate about everything Charlton. Because I feel sickened by what has become of this wonderful family club that was the envy of many clubs throughout the English League. The reputation destroyed not by Roland but by the clubs own supporters who have become totally blinkered and fuelled with anger from an organisation bent on making a statement by any means at their disposal.

I want the best from the club I supported over fifty years, but I will never stoop this low in so much as to inflict further misery to the already damaged image this club already holds.

Having kept taps on all the happenings throughout the closed season, I`m confidence there are good times ahead for the team. The club should be allowed to demonstrate its intent for the forthcoming season and any planned demonstrations kept on the back-burner or better still dismantled and put on the garbage heap where it belongs.

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