Date: 4th August 2017 at 12:18am
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I`m going to start this article by thanking all those who gave me the ammunition to write many such articles firing my concerns at the doubters who saw only negative things about everything coming out of Charlton. The biggest of grievances had them stage many demonstrations because their minds had only one thing on them. They doubted that the regime could have a change of heart and allow our manager to manage in how he would like the team to be represented in the forthcoming new season.

I have nothing but admiration towards the way they allowed Robinson to handle players in to boost his squad. The regime as many have called them have in fact done a U-turn and are running the club the way many who had a problem with their methods over the last three years and showed this by demonstrating. They seemed to have taken a few steps back and mellowed. Which looks by all account a lesson has been learned by them, would you not agree?

I can`t help wondering how all this will be viewed by those who have gone overboard to discredit the owners, who at first I must admit appeared to have shown very little in keeping traditions that is part of Charlton as a footballing unit in the community. This ignited the fuse that lit the burning desire to get back at them in any way to make a point.

Roland and Meire did not start their tenure of this famous old club on the right footing. Mistake after mistake were made that had this club reeling and the team subjected to the indignity of relegation. This brought about managers being dismissed left, right and down the centre without them even being giving the chance to rectify the problems forced unto them by diabolic decision making from the CEO, who was then running the club as a business. But this is in the past. To dwell on what has now hopefully run its course is in fact now pointless.

Supporters are fickle. They will follow whoever they believe has the answer to the problem they feel will give them back what is rightfully theirs. Which this of course is Charlton Athletic. I`m not entirely sure why they felt the club was theirs. I`m not even sure who instigated this from the onset. Charlton has never belong to the supporters. The chants of ‘`give us back our Charlton“ might be very patriotic, but they are only words and any amount of resurgence in the future will not make a slightest different, the owner will not be intimidated by this gesture, surely this must be as plain as the nose on every ones face, right!

I`m practically delighted there are many out there who feel as I do that the club has tried very hard to make amends for all the right reason and have brought together a delightful package for the 25th anniversary of our return to the Valley. Unfortunately not everyone shares this sentiment. I say to them. Stew in their own venom of hate for none of us give a damn.

I have been very critical about events that have blighted this club. The campaign to rid us of the owner Roland Duchatelet escalated throughout last season and no one knows whether there are plans to continue this term. If there is a likelihood for some of the same. I hope all those who participated last season will not listen to these below average morons and stop these pointless demonstrations for all they are making you look, is foolish. The bottom line is. To all that has conspired in the past should now be outlawed. We are approaching a new season. Last season`s problem have been dealt with. Now we can all look forward to the new campaign with a renewed vision of better things to come. Give the team and the club a chance, not a lot to ask for.Good luck to the Addicks against the Rovers a good start would be sensational.

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