Date: 11th November 2015 at 4:25pm
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Did we really have high hopes that this meeting with Katrien Miere and Richard Murray that was set up by the fans` forum, would blow away the smoke screen that has thicken through the last 22 months, and reinstate a clear view of the blackened deposit left that has soiled this once proud club. All those who have done their utmost to bring this club a peg closer to its knees, should give themselves a pat on the back. The damage left behind from smoke on Roland`s beautiful new shiny red seats has ingrained and will be very hard to remove.

Do we as supporters mean this little to the owners that the voice of the club falls on deaf ears? I can really sympathise with those who are trying desperately to get their views aired. Having seen Katrien Miere in action on Saturday in the peoples bar, crossbar. I`m not at all surprised of the response from the CEO. Her body language said a lot then. The answers she gave where hidden behind a very nervous smile. I was not party to this, but then again, if I was, I would only be another supporter whose voice and concerns don`t really concern her.

When does a negative become a positive? To be positive is an indication, agreement with or without support for something. To be hopeful, favourable, or confident with no possibility of doubt; certain of the results of a test or experiment, showing the presence of something of a quality greater than zero. Expressing the basic degree of quality. To be negative: Show the absence rather than the presence of something. Expressing denial, disagreement, or refusal. Not hopeful or favourable. There are many ways to express the attitude and manner that is ravishing this club, but words alone although perfect in their presentation might sound and look the part, it is not enough to alter the thinking behind the strategy used (if there is one in place) that will make the regime alter direction in favour of the masses.

I have been around this club long enough to be fearful of the way things are allowed to fester and the permeate damage it can leave it its wake. I for one also believe the regime as much as it appears to be totally blinkered to what they are doing have forgotten the life support that keeps this club from dying, its supporters. Does this sound as if I`m contradicting myself, perhaps. There are arguments for and against in any debate. But a debate needs two sides and if one side refuses to comply with the issues raised then you might as well talk to the hand.

Have we achieved anything? It is clear by the comments raised the meeting was just us feared. And to quote a fraise Margaret Thatcher used throughout her reign, I quote: The Lady is not for turning; unquote. Unlike Thatcher this lady will have to turn. The insistence that Miere wants to discuss the club with supporters, despite stubbornly defending herself throughout. The failure and the respond with words she uttered and I quote: I want Charlton fans to stand up against the negative people and don`t give them a platform. Unquote. This is all unacceptable.

This regime is treating Addicks supporters like children. If you don`t do as I say, you will go to the naughty corner. A peaceful protest this might have been with well choses chants to emphasise the feelings amongst the supporters who vented their displeasure and discussed at Miere who simply reacted by taking a photograph of the crowd below. Is this the action of a CEO who has the clubs best interest at heart? Many would say not. There was a great deal of pride felt during the protest on Saturday. We have reached a point that they need to address the anger, discontentment and apathy they have caused. Not that they seem willing to accept it and bring about the required change sometime soon. Saturday`s game brought about positive energy. The players put on a spirited performance which gave us something to believe in again.

Miere has managed to return us to a depressed and disillusioned state that shows she has not and will not learn from her mistakes. So what has all this really achieved? Katrien Miere has stuck two fingers at the supporters. By her own actions and by hiding behind a window knowing full well with the security measures in place none of the protestors could get anywhere near her. She has shown utter contempt and should be thoroughly ashamed of herself. Up to now, there is not a shred of evidence to prove to all in this club, the intention of the board is honourable. Mending bridges between the board and the supporters has now been blown in different direction and quite frankly I and many like me just can`t see how words ill chosen as they have been can suddenly be reversed. Show us that you really believe what you are doing is just. Talk openly to the supporters and don`t hide behind closed doors.

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