Date: 5th November 2015 at 11:07am
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The past few weeks have not been helped by all this talk of mass protest, demonstrations, and the most used wording, Roland out. Demonstrations are the key to unrest that will fuel the already smouldering cinders that will only need the slightest of breeze to engulf the entire club and destroy the only thing that is binding us together. Unity. To unify don’t necessary mean to employ unsavoury tactics. The Roland institute of yes men and woman has already destroyed the main infrastructure that is the heart and soul of this club. The support.

Support and supporters are the very essence of any club, take that away through bad managing, and installing players who have no commitment, adopt an attitude that will lower esteem further, then you have the perfect recipe for disaster. The club at this moment is doing all these things. Glossing over all the cracks that are getting larger by the week might look the part, but it is only a short term solution.

I have already made my feelings very clear in my previous article. Demonstration are only just when they are conducted with dignity and without the use of disruption that was suggest by many on Facebook. I personally are not in favour of such action no matter what their intention portray, it will not resolve the issue. The club and its owners are not going to buckle under the pressure this or any forthcoming demonstration that might be planned.

I know many of you are going to point out and rightly so. If we did not demonstrate all those years ago to get the Addicks back to the Valley it might never have happened. Point taken on board. But there is a fundamental difference between the wordings, we need, and we want. The two are oceans apart. We needed to get back to the Valley to survive. But do we want further unrest these demonstration might cause?

In all the years supporting this club, I have never witnessed such hatred towards it owners or the club. Believe me many who are old enough will agree, there have been many times when the slightest jolt in the right direction could have ignited the fuse and blown everything out of control. I`m not saying freedom of speech should not be exercised that would be wrong. What I`m referring to is. There are procedures that work much better than shouting the odds at the club and owners who probably aren`t listening anyway.

What brings across to a wider audience better than advertising? The Media. It`s a proven fact that there is no better way to get the attention by widening the circle of displeasure of the situation this club is in by getting the attention of none Charlton supporters. Getting our message out via the press and social media holds much more weight and be more effective. We have proved this before. Patience and a constructive plans have work in the past (Return to the Valley) it can happen again.

But enough said about all that is wrong with the way the club is run. There are more pressing matters to concern us, the forthcoming game with Sheffield Wednesday. I don`t know what effect all the above will have on the attendance and the game as a whole. But my own personal fears are, we are going to struggle. Unlike us, Wednesday have had some success in the Championship and are sitting eights in the table with twenty four points. Furthermore they have shown they are very capable of beating teams in the Premiership namely Arsenal.

Whether this will be a proven factor in how they will conduct themselves here at the Valley, bearing in mind our own record of late has been dismal to say the least at home. Brimming with confidence no doubt that they are facing an Addicks side whose confidence has hit rock bottom will probably be enough to give them the push needed to secure all three points on their travels. We on the other hand need to address the slump that is threatening to engulf our season with another battle to stay in this division. Home support is an essential formula to bring the right atmosphere to the stadium which is something that has been sadly lacking this season. Will the Valley again be buzzing with not a vacant seat to be seen? Will the upheaval that is tearing this club apart calm. Will we once again hold our heads high and not feel ashamed at the very mention of the word Charlton. All these and many questions might never be answered. But one thing is certain. I and many will never abandon this club and this comes from the heart.

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