Date: 27th February 2019 at 10:16am
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Charlton’s deluded owner Roland Duchatelet appeared on TalkSport yesterday afternoon and my god it was hard to grasp anything the man said, it seems to me like he has made his millions out of being a confusing old man. Ex-Crystal Palace owner Simon Jordan who I have to say won my respect yesterday was ripping into the Belgian trying his best to get his and our questions answered, but at almost every answer he would sway away from it and talk about something completely different.

This is the rubbish us Charlton fans have to deal with and whatever this ‘proposal’ is that Roland is giving the fans it can’t spell anything good for us after some of his properties were vandalised with graffiti, I think he is out looking for revenge on that, however it goes to show you don’t mess around with our club otherwise the club will mess with you in any way possible. Heed the warning any potential new owner, we need someone who knows football is more than just a game to us, we need them to come in and sort this mess out because we can’t have another disastrous owner like Duchatlelet at Charlton again or it could spell the end for the original club if something like this was to happen for a few more years under another owner.

Many fans have come away from the club because of the rat and I don’t agree with that not one bit. As a football supporter you are meant to stick by your club no matter what and if you have already given in to Roland by not going to the games you have already failed being a fan of Charlton in my eyes. Now obviously I do understand the reasons for people leaving Charlton out of their Saturday plans, but come on people it’s our club not his why should we let him stop us from coming to The Valley. He’s a blip in the club’s history, but don’t let this situation be a blip in your support for the team.

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