Date: 28th December 2019 at 12:16pm
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As if the injuries have not been bad enough, Jonathan Leko will be recalled to West Brom after suffering a season-ending ACL injury against Queens Park Rangers.

One begs the question who do we turn to now? It’s not going to be easy finding someone who is either on the same level as Leko or better than him and let’s face it we need to find better than him as he could get frustrating at times.

Sometimes he will give you a 9/10 and sometimes he would give you a 4/10 he was quite inconsistent like that but when he was playing at his best he always created chances and muddled up the opposition’s formation which was always a big help in getting a sneaky goal, plus he scored five times for us this season.

It’s no secret his presence will be missed in quite a few points of the game, but we need to look ahead to finding a replacement for Leko and Charlton fans on Twitter have decided who they would like to replace Jonathan Leko and here is what you all had to say.

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