Date: 27th February 2018 at 5:56pm
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The alarm bells are once again ringing loud and clear. How many more times are we going to witness an excuse of a team? This game at the Valley against the shrews should have been a show stopper to show all those who attended what the reds are all about. Instead we were subjected to a performance not even worthy of the name professionals. The Valley was fuller than is has been for many a game in the past, £5 entrance price may have plumbed up the attendance. This aside, there should be no excuse for a display with home advantage that we had to endure.

The Addicks started well enough for the first 10 minutes when they could have gone ahead, but for some desperate defending form Shrewsbury`s defence and excellent goal keeping their goal or defence were not penetrated. The writing was on the wall. Missed chances invariably get punished. It was almost unforgivable to see our players not playing to their potential. This gave the away side the impetus to strive forward which they did in numbers. The Addicks could not handle the passing game with hardly a ball going astray always finding a player in space to attack our goal each time a move was executed.

Robinson`s players had no answer. Every game we lose will be a mountain to climb if we are going to be in the top six at the end of the season. Robinson said and I quote: we had a game plan, my players did not stick to what was ironed out in the dressing room. Sorry Robbo that sounds like an excuse which is something used far too often when the team fails. What we saw from the terraces was a lack of understanding amongst your players. Too many balls went astray that really should have been ironed out this late in the season. Our passing game was not implemented. Some players did not work at creating enough to make the difference.

I`m fearful that all the work put into giving us the best season will be lost by our team inability to win games especially at home. We need to buckle up or be in danger of slipping away from our chance to gain that vital last place in the shakeup. I predict, we want make it.

Reason number two. A question I would like to put to Richard Murray. What has happened to your gut feeling that the club will be sold by the end of February? So far a lot of talk, even this has gone quite. Again we have been sold a dummy. I can only guess, Duchatelet wants too much for the club. No one should be too surprised if the price is too high. Having spent a lot of money to improve the infrastructure of the club and the training ground, it should have been pretty obvious the price tag on the club could be high to recoup a good proportion of money pumped into the club.

My personal opinion is. Duchatelet is a cool cookie. He obviously has set a target that suits, therefore he is not going to wave goodbye a small fortunes just to appease us the supporters. My guess, he will stick it out till his price whatever this might be is med. I know the club in its present status is not worth a fortune, and he probably in the end of the day may come down if he wishes to sell, but in the meantime he probably want budge. It is not helping our cause not having some sort of a deal coming through. In the end of the season, I predict the club will still be in the hands of Duchatelet.

Not what many are hoping for, but the reality outweighs any thoughts that we the supporters might have on how things have gone so far. If nearly two months or so has not found the right buyer, the all I can say, negotiations have not pushed forward the right balance to wheel in the next owner of this fine club Charlton Athletic.

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