Date: 10th November 2015 at 12:35pm
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The season has run its course for sixteen weeks and the Addicks still need to prove they have what it takes to remain in the Championship. Out of all those games home and away Charlton have only managed to win three all of them at home. Strangely enough those three wins had the Addicks playing some of their best football. Queens Park Rangers, Hull City, and just recently Sheffield Wednesday. The team from those days could not have been more in keeping of what we at Charlton expect from a side that is mixing it with some of the Leagues finest.

Unfortunately we also had to endure far too many defeats that has plunged this fine club not just into the relegation scrap, but on top of this, discontentment has reared its ugly head and showed the side of football no one at Charlton thought would ever see. The cause was, in how the club is being run by the Roland regime.

Demonstration are not new to football as a whole. We have seen this in many foreign clubs. Standard Liege has been blighted with unrest in the past caused through similar scenarios that have engulfed our club this season in particular.

Since Roland became our owner there has been five changes in managers in this club in less than two years. Not a bases to build a stable team structure. It is a proven fact. Every manager/team coach has a different concept in how he want the team to play. The end product does not always has the desired polish and if this is the case, it is always the manager who has to take blunt end of the failure and faces the exit door quicker than he entered it.

But what has happen in the past in this club perhaps should have been viewed with more patience. How does the saying go? Patience is a virtue! Morale amongst players leads to a feeling of confidence, satisfaction, and self-esteem. The manager has to be a strong in personality, a leader of men.

We are third highest in the Championship having failed to win our last nine games in the season so far. With such a dismal record it is clear to see where the main issues lay. Our defensive calamities have made us far too easy to beat.

Our best ever season was when we were still in the Premiership. Alan Curbishley almost guided the Addicks to a Champions League place, but we faded and finished 7th which was an extraordinary achievement.

Luzon was the latest victim in Charlton`s merry-go-round of managers. After many unacceptable results he was removed by Charlton and in his place came Karel Fraeye as an interim manager to fill in while the club seeks a more permeant replacement. I know I`m banging on with the same names keep on cropping up. But the solution to the Addicks woes are in the hands of the back room staff namely Katrien Miere and Richard Murray. Roland appointed them to do a job and now is the time to do it well?

It is paramount that the next manager is the right man for the job. Furthermore he needs to be given time to shape Charlton- but without falling victim to relegation. The worst possible scenario, would be for Charlton to rush into a decision and appoint someone again from the pool of no experience at this level. Inadequate skills could have a detrimental impact. The new man at the helm must first and foremost have the best interest of the club at heart, faith, hope and aspiration in his ability to perform, so together they can rally the players to achieve their full potential.

Charlton need someone who can step-up and deliver on all fronts. From a players single performance perspective we have Watt, but he isn`t a patch on the likes of Mendonca, Yann Kermorgant, and Killer Hales. The new manager needs to install into his players to think positively. Negativity breeds under par performances. Training and excellent match practice can improve goal-scoring rates. At times our players think with their feet than with their brains. There are always chances in a game, where a 50-50 could be won. Lobbing the hopeful punt up field does not win games. Allowing to be drawn into rash passing of the ball has lost us games. Tactics. If the formation fails to work change. Too many games we played we were too predictable. Our defence was breached to easily. 26 goals we have now conceded.

The goal-shy Addicks are more than capable to score they have proved this. In the past we have only used one attacking player up-front. Using the age-old logic: the more players you have forward, the more likely you are to score. This has worked in the past, let`s face it we have been here before. But having said this, it could leave the team more exposed at the back. It`s a catch twenty two situation.

On Saturday against a formidable team Sheffield Wednesday we proved that if the attitude and the play strategy is correct we can beat almost anyone in this division. Whether this was down to Fraeye using a diamond shape formation remains to be seen. The next game against Ipswich will again test the resolve of the managerial trio with Jason responsible for the coaching side of the team. Unfortunately another International break has intervened. Maybe this has come at the wrong time, we shall see. The Addicks need to play just as they did against Wednesday, attack, press, dictate the game, and allow the opposition no time on the ball. Then maybe we have had another game where we feel the Addicks have turn a corner.

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