Date: 1st May 2017 at 11:39am
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The very mentioning of the word CARD is as childish as the intervention from our so called supporters who acted upon the say so from an organisation who should by now see how damaging their actions could become.

The mere mention of the word CARD has become as unrealistic as the action imposed and should be renamed COME AND REDISCOVER DUMB. A fitting rename for the organisation who has built up a fan base of stupidity that might yet have the reverse effect on the very thing they are inciting the fans to act on.

Every true fan who was at the game against Swindon Town, and not just this one, must have reservations about what these acts of sheer stupidity set up by this organisation will achieve. The instigators then have the so called fans to do their dirty work to inflict as much carnage against the club in the name of the protest that has become pointless.

The volley of black and white balloons that rained down from the upper deck of the North Stand and then added to from the lower, was obviously designed to cause disruptions to the game. In truth it showed again to the media how small minded we at Charlton have become to be lead to act like children at kindergarten.

It was soon apparent, and with great sadness, that the entire east and west stands joined in with this madness that only added to the mayhem that spoiled what should have been a farewell game for our skipper, Johnnie Jackson. The skipper probably played his last game for the Addicks. The demonstration did not infuse any joy for our most loyal player who wore the shirt he so proudly did for many seasons. The sheer fact that many supporters chose to disrupt the last game with pointless acts of vandalism, proves to me and many loyal fans that these vandals care very little for the club they keep raving about when they say ‘`we want our Charlton back“.

I`m sorry to have to remind them that Charlton is not their club. It was never anybody`s club except the owner of the club. Portsmouth shareholders on the other hand can say, this is our club. They bought the club. Many of us might have been involved with getting the club back to its spiritual home, but that is where the involvement ends.

The ‘Roland Out` chant which echoed around the Valley like a bad smell has become as annoying as the whole campaign to remove him from the Valley. Many supporters near me thought the whole episode of disruption hilarious. The game was spoiled for many who still want to see football played at the Valley and not have their pleasure interrupted by mindless acts of childish behaviour.

The question on many supporters lips is, `what now`? Now we had a season from hell on and of the pitch with home games bearing the brunt of all that is rotten at the moment. What will happen now that there is no matches to use as an excuse to inflict more pain and misery? Will CARD crawl back into the hole it came out of and celebrate a job well done? They have now split the Valley`s supporters with their insatiable appetite to cause mayhem.

The last game of the season is traditionally ‘curtain down` for many players who want be featured wearing the shirt of Charlton Athletic. But this last game saw the referee blow his whistle for time on time with no extra time being played. The players scrambled to leave the pitch for their own safety because it was rumoured that a pitch invasion was planned. Another scaremongering tactic put out to confuse the already stretched officials that had to control such a probability. Thankfully this never happened, just a few fans wanted to be near their heroes, nothing more than that.

The cost to the club for all this extra security must have been enormous. With debts already running into the millions, this unnecessary added expense on a crippling amount of money in debt, so mob rule does not do more damage to our club, is inexcusable. In short, next season will bear all the consequences for these pointless acts that have marred the entire campaign. I dread to think how many supporters will actually be attending home games on the back of all that has occurred throughout this season.

Deep down any supporter with a conscience will regroup in his or her mind and reflect on their own thoughts. These unnecessary acts of anti-social behaviour and wonder if all this was really necessary. Did these disruptions really achieve anything? Did their actions throughout this season accomplish what was initially the reason to join in all these protests? I doubt if many CARD supporters can answer these questions with a degree honesty.

In my lifetime I have seen many demonstrations, some planned and some purely spontaneous. It is human to be curious when you see a gathering of people. More will soon join in and before you can say, don`t bother, it becomes a mass of uncontrollable action that in many cases erupt into chaos.
I personally hope our supporters will adopt a more civil approach next season and not get involved with an organisation whose only thoughts are to disrupt and cause a divide amongst all those who still have the club in their hearts for the right reasons. We have secured our aim to stay in this division, don`t let the past simmer and reignite into the next season.


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  • 50 extra security on a tenner a hour for 5 hours cost £2500. obviously, this may not have been needed all 23 games, but say they did, that’s £57,500.

    Naby Sarr cost £3m.

    I personally hope our owners will adopt a more civil approach next season and not get involved in silly lying and asset stripping; whose only thoughts are to disrupt and cause a divide amongst the community who still have the club in their hearts for the right reasons.

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