Date: 19th November 2017 at 7:14pm
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How many times have I blasted the refereeing incompetence? Andy Woolmer had a shocker against the Dons at the Valley. The game had fluency, especially from the Addicks. Yet the man in the middle constantly lost the ability to take charge of this heated encounter. It was bad enough that we had to endure a wet and cold afternoon without having to watch a display of the contact sport being systematically torn apart by a referee who had lost the respect not only from the players, but the supporters as well.

Everyone there was looking forward to football back at the Valley after a long spell of absence from league games. This was a game the Addicks had to win to keep in touch with the leading pack. Any such thoughts unfortunately evaporated because of a combination of bully boy tactics from the Dons and indecision from the man in the middle.

One such incident that should have had the player seeing red was caused by the Dons number seven. Not only was his challenge dangerous, his action fused a brawl that could have been very ugly. The referee bottled it. If such an incident like this is left unpunished, it opens up an array of possibilities for players to exploit a soft touch official to commit further fouls which is what happened throughout this game.

Football over the decades has lost its tough sporting potential and has instead become a sport of softies who fall down at the merest breeze that another player causes. A classic example of what I`m referring to happened at the Valley. Just when it looked like the Addicks have secured all three points, the Dons scored an own goal on the 87th minute and the game suddenly changed. Kashi was deemed to leave a trailed leg towards Peter Pawlett who made the most of the incident by milking the contact and acting out a great performance of the dying swan. Penalty shouted all the Dons supporters.

The referee ignored the pleas and waved play on. Good man for not getting fooled by what looked by all accounts a dive it could be said. Not so. The short sighted linesman put his flag to his chest indicated a penalty. Now correct me if I`m wrong. In controversial situations, which this most certainly was, should the referee not have consulted the forth official about why he thought a spot-kick was to be rewarded?

All my why`s and why nots won`t alter the outcome. Arguably the referee has the last say, or in this case the second one. The bottom line is that we created enough open play chances to have put this game to bed in the first period. Josh Magennis` excellent header on six minutes should have opened up the flood gates. Too many missed chances will cost us which is something Robinson needs to sort out if we are going to make a serious charge for the Championship. In the end, bad refereeing and the inability to finish off poor sides is not what we at Charlton want to see.

We were gifted a chance to take all three points. Whatever or however the penalty was conceded is not the real issue here. We need to consolidate advantages. If we don`t there is always the chance that there could be a final controversial incident that spoils the celebrations.