Date: 23rd April 2017 at 7:18pm
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It was for many a very turbulent season. The value of yesterday`s victory did at least secure the Addicks a place in League One next season. On reflection, Karl Robinson did just enough to bring together a few needed results to make sure that the last game was not a cliff-hanger, and therefore avoided the Addicks dropping into the fourth tier of football. The consequences would have been catastrophic and would have subjected this fine family club to more upheaval that has savaged Charlton for far too many seasons.

These past victories reminded me of Jose Riga when he performed a minor miracle to rescue us from certain doom. Although Robinson had more games to bring a team together, we have to be grateful he achieved what most thought would never be possible. Many were sceptical and wrote The Addicks off long before the season`s end. If I`m honest, I too had my doubts that we would remain in division one because our season had more dips in it than Blackpool`s roller coasters. But now we have one less thing to worry about.

That brings me to the crux of the matter. The games aside, although they were important to sustain some continuity and reach our goal, we are still not contented with having secured our status. At the game against Chesterfield the chants that have been part of our supporters, could be heard loud and clear which was unnecessary and had nothing to do with Chesterfield.

I find the whole concept of spreading bad feelings to another club deplorable and in bad taste. Perhaps someone could remind me how all this Roland out campaign started. All I see is a club divided with many not really knowing which way to turn. Did it all start very amicably? Who was it that thought it was a good idea to fire up the supporters to the point that HATE has replaced the loyalty with the intention to cause as much disruption at the expense of the club whenever there was a home game.

The dictionary gives many variations of this word ‘hate`. To name a few: detest, despise, dislike, abhor. I wonder which one would fit the bill on our owner. I think none of them. These words above are far too gentle for those supporters who have an issue with our owner. The air is filled with vile language whenever his name is mentioned.

I`m really finding writing about the game at Chesterfield not productive, because I`m much divided. For years I have written reports on games, good or bad to give a different prospectus on how I see events unfold. The reason I have mentioned this is: It appears game reports don`t hold much interest. This might be because there are far too many of us writing about the same issues and it becomes uninteresting, even boring. So I have cleared my conscience and decided to write about the state of our club caused by senseless and irresponsible individuals.

To bring this to an accountable reasoning: On this the last game of a very turbulent season CARD is urging every ‘stay-away` supporter to return to the Valley in a show of strength to join in the biggest demonstration against our owner Duchatelet yet. Good for them. I`m a little mystified in why they are even bothering to stage such a demonstration when all the others have had no effect in the removal of Duchatelet or his CEO, whom many protesters feel is responsible for the mess the club is in.

At first, yes I would have agreed with them. But then again, it has been proven that all the demonstrations have had very little impact in removing her. In fact, there were signs that it made her more adamant to stay in her role as CEO and continue with what she thought was the right thing to do. As the demonstration gathered pace inside and outside the ground, many who wished not to be part of it where drawn into the mire whether they wanted to or not. I`m guessing, the last game of the season will see many such disturbances that like the ones we witnessed throughout this season.

When will all supporters see that there will not be any winners? Demonstrations might be seen as a defamatory objective that is damaging the club further and that is very concerning indeed. I want to believe that in the end common sense will prevail and all this aggression towards all who have different views on the proceedings in anything Charlton, will come together and find an admirable solution that will appease all who have an issue. I want Charlton to be a footballing side as much as the next supporter, and the way we have conducted ourselves is not the way forward.

The season should not end in utter mayhem. It is far more important that we end knowing that we managed to maintain a place in the same league. Many seem to have forgotten that without our owner and his team we would not have been here at all. Curse and shout the odds as much as your little hearts desire, this fact will never change. Think on this as you give yourselves a sore throat shouting abuse at your saviour.