Date: 4th August 2017 at 1:52pm
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In our profession as Journalist we have to take a certain amount of criticism. It is part of the way we construct our reviews on everything that is close to my heart which in this case is football and one team in particular Charlton Athletic. For years I have been involved writing articles pointing out and analysing in my own words how I see things at Charlton. Sometimes I use others who have an opinion but are not in the position to express them the way I can. I rattle a few cages on the way which I make no apologies for that is all part of writing ones thoughts which can create a back-lash.

I welcome feedback of a constructive nature which are gladly receive. But just lately the comments have become very childish and really show the mentality of certain readers who think by calling me a cretin amongst other names is a structured argument.

I have written many articles on our football club and team because I and many others who still feel there is something to cling on too and who can see a light in the end of a tunnel that this club is doing everything possible to rectify years of uncertainty which lets face can`t be fixed overnight.

There is no miracle cure that will right all the wrongs that has ravaged this club for three years, just hard work and a togetherness that has always been a big part of this club in the past and that many supporters seemed to have forgotten, or for reasons only known to them don`t wish to be involved in.

The excuses used for not supporting this club in the past have now worn very thin and have no place in the future. The bandwagon that rolled over the hallowed turf churning up new support should now become a museum exhibit for all to see how corrupt their involvement within the clubs structure it generated. Any further demonstrations to see how many members they can enrol should not be exercised by gullible supporters just because they feel they are on a winning side.

Supposing just for argument sake the Addicks have a season to savour and they achieve their objective and get promoted. Will this appease the doubters who have turned their backs on the Addicks or will this still not be enough? I`m fearful that staying away might have a reverse effect. A very true saying sums this up. ‘`out of sight out of mind“ it`s a bit like everything in life. ‘`don`t have it you don`t miss it“ please don`t call yourselves true supporters, for this none of you are, now or ever will be.

I started writing for News Now Vital Charlton as a hobby because I enjoyed the buss it gave me seeing my efforts in print. As time went by I became more involved by writing more in depth anything that caught my interest which has up to now been very constructive and informative. Not to everyone taste my contents which is ok, but to be sarcastic just because words don`t come easy to some readers is demeaning and shows a person`s education values lower than a snakes belly.

I speak as I find. It is not nice to be ridiculed just because your views are different from many who decided to follow a hopeless cause. I spoke to a colleague of mine who also voiced my opinion that staging demonstration is wrong and should not be conducted on the pitch to halt games. But he did say. To show support for something that has an open agenda is fine so long it is conducted in a safe and dignified manner. It`s his opinion and he is entitled to voice it. I don`t agree with the latter of his comment but then again I feel any sort of demonstration is wrong and I will never condone them, period.

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