Date: 25th September 2017 at 11:49am
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The highs and lows that have now become part of the Addicks season don`t really make a lot of sense. Our game has become disjointed where not that long into the season, we were showing signs of a team destined of going places.

We could argue injuries and suspensions may have played some part in how the games in the last three outings have turned out. But I personally find this no excuse for not producing and not playing our style of football against bottom teams who are there because they are not performing.

Robinson does not have a plan B and has allowed our boys to rumble on knowing full well if A does not work he needs to have an alternative plan of action to bolster his side. It is of no use him keep on singing from the same song-sheet when he knows full well what the problems are in his team at present.

He is the manager. This office holds a great responsibility not just to the players, but also to the paying supporters who look up to him for the right guidance that assures we can compete in division one. As the manager he has been given the authority to manage this team and he needs to be more assertive in what he wants. He should have enough balls to confront our owner Duchatelet and state his case for another striker. If the owners are genuine that they want Charlton back in the Championship, there should be little objection for his demands. Has he even gone down this road?

Our good start to this campaign will come to nothing if we allow teams to take advantage. Judging how we have failed to beat teams that are struggling, namely Gillingham and Bury, we are allowing just that. Both these side should have been out of sight against a Charlton side flying high in the division. Yet we went into these games without a game plan that would test their resilience and paid the price with a loss at Priestfield and a miserable draw against Bury at the Valley.

Oceans apart we are in league position. Yet in the game of football this means nothing unless it is added to by winning games of low key to consolidate your position so we can keep pace with the leaders. In the stands on Saturday I heard rumbles of dissatisfied supporters who blamed Ricky Holmes for not being part of this team against Bury. Yes they might have an argument in this instance because his presence might just have unlocked some of the foot tennis that was going on in the Bury penalty area.

Putting all the above aside, on the day we were not good enough, not strong enough, not forceful enough and not mean enough. One man does not make a team, ten outfield players and the keeper does. Judging by how we are not allowed to play our game, it is clear that the strategy Robinson plays has been rumbled. Other teams will have done their homework in how the Addicks are known for moving the ball on the ground but have difficulty in airborne play adopted by most teams that have faced the Addicks.

It is really of no use Robinson blaming others but himself. He should use all his initiative and professionalism to bring to the Addicks the necessary formula that is needed for the success we the supporters yearn for. He should know by now, there is only one person who holds the key that will make all the difference and that is Duchatelet. Robinson needs to be strong, call his bluff. Make it clear, give me what I need to compete or I walk. Football is a man`s sport. Be that man.