Date: 18th April 2017 at 6:23pm
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I had a good break, but now I need to get something of my chest. Although I was not in England, I still kept in touch with issues connected with the club, and quite frankly, things have not improved one bit, and that worries me.

The saga in who might be the next owner is continuing like a well-run soap opera. Also I can`t help feeling very disappointed in the way our supporters are letting themselves be guided by a lost cause, which has run its course, by bringing games to a halt through some very childish actions namely a volume of plastic pigs being thrown onto the pitch at the game on Good Friday when the Addicks played Coventry City.

Can anyone honestly say all these ridicules actions have changed the course in how the club is run? No! I thought not. We still have Duchatelet as our owner, although there is a talk of an Aussie consortium showing interest and making some sort of a noise that might be seen as an interested party. I truly hope not!!

Further curiosity is inspiring me to write on something that caught my attention. We can`t get away from the fact that the Valley has been ripped apart by two sets of supporters. We have the ones that have stood by the team, then there are the ones who are adamant never to set foot in the Valley while it is under the present owners. This bothers me! Why you might ask?

A recent survey involving Charlton fans shows that they are clearly divided in what they want. But should they really be this uncertain? I read the survey and found its contents quite bazaar. Figures were banded about and reasons given in why supporters might come back to the Valley. Many remain adamant for not returning and have voiced this quite clearly. But will reverse their decision if the club was under new ownership.

This is the part that gets to me. Are these real supporters? No. A real supporter would follow his team regardless in who owns the club, after all, it is the football we are coming to watch (not always great) and not who holds the purse strings. The Duchatelet out campaign is beginning to be a real pain in the neck. It is not surprising that the forecast for next season tickets is at an all-time low.

Why are these figures a surprise? The insane actions over many months has sealed the fate for a large number of fans who I`m sure are quite capable making up their own minds and would probably come back if it was not for the intervention of CARD who has taking away their self believe and replaced it with empty words of meaningless garbage. If the predictions I`m seeing are correct, then the Valley will be empty and that will in my mind be the end of Charlton Athletic.

I`m not going to quote these prediction as they are written. There is no need to elaborate or mention names, besides it would be inappropriate and could get me in hot water. I stand by in what I have said in this article and many before. I`m not in favour of any demonstration regardless of how they are conducted. I also feel very strongly how in less than three and half years, The Valley has succumb to a laughing stock within the footballing circle. Instead of standing together, the supporters have listened to mindless people who build up a hate campaign, fuelling and fanning the flames that will devourer, and might yet set in motion a complete reversal of what they are wishing for. I wonder who will get the blame if everything goes pear shape.

I was going to write about the excellent game the Addicks played against Gillingham. But seeing no one give the report a second look, I decided to write something I know will get one or two of you going to respond. Looking forward in reading some of the uneducated comments they always make chuckle.