Date: 2nd November 2015 at 7:10pm
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If we were to analyse Charlton what do we see. From a supporters prospectus there is no doubt confusion, discontentment, disharmony, and despondency, just to name a few well chosen words that fit into the disarray the Valley has become in just a short period of time. But this only the tip of the iceberg. The Titanic sunk within two hours of colliding with one of these monstrosities in the North Atlantic. We at Charlton are not sinking as fast, but are surely going to hit rock bottom in not the too distant future unless the man at the controls steers away from the present course that has us in collision and a loss of many supporters that are the life`s blood of this club.

There are four obvious concerns that have become very real in the last months. These fundamental issues have inbedded themselves into the very structure that makes up the club and the team within.

Getting away from Roland and his insane appointments, the issues in questions are the following.

The mentality of the players.

At this moment in time it seems as though The Addicks are walking onto the pitch already believing that a defeat is a strong possibility. How many time have we seen this in past season? A run of bad results and the team irrespective who is playing has given them definitely the deflated look on their faces. These are professional footballers, and should be giving their best for the club irrespective of previous results. The perfect example was against Middlesbrough. They came of a good win against Manchester Utd and were up for any team who have been struggling of late. The fear factor most probably played a huge part in this game. But what I have read, they spent vast periods behind the ball, showing very little ambition to win the game. The Addicks cannot get any worse at the moment, so they might just as well open up a bit more and be more expressive.

Errors made by individual players.

I have always said, once the team has left the dressing room and are on the pitch, the manager irrespective who he is become a spectator. The captain has the responsibility to inspire his troops. Under instruction from his gaffer he should carry out his duty the best way he is able. The coach for his part can do very little physically or otherwise to change things until the half has run its course. Making too many mistakes defensively is the biggest starting point for this. We have shown this in the last three games where we conceded nine goals and scored none. Individual mistakes are the main culprit for our failure. The lack of balance is another. Players have to stand up and take responsibility. It is all very well adopting the blame game when things are not going to plan. But there might be a strong case to go back to basics.

Goal scoring is a real concern.

It is not rocket science that games are won by putting that little round thing, called a ball, into the opponents net. What is lacking in our team is talent. By that I mean real talented players who give the team a buzz just because they are part of the set up. Many of thought when Igor Vetokele and Tony Watt came into the side we were going to see some fireworks. Admittedly both started very well but failed to be influential within the team`s structure and the goals dried up. However they are dependent on specific service and desperately in need additional support from others as well. We have the Great Dane Simon Makienok. His very presence should frighten most players into submission to give up the ball willingly, but even he has had torrid encounters with his counterpart. The formation that Fraeye adopted 4-1-4-1 obviously get the game at 0-0 at half-time, but it left us wide open which proved to be the case. The case of flooding the midfield might work for some, but in our case not going forward want ever win matches.

The biggest factor no confidence.

Should we sympathise with the way things have gone, or should we just be understanding given recent events, particularly the bad results on the pitch. In the past, admittedly not with most of these players, we have put together good runs of results. In the previous paragraph I have already outlined our main problem way the team is struggling. There is clearly room for improvement in this area. Confidence boost performances, restore this and things will start to pick up. A team that plays with no confidence, is a team that will never succeed. I have always stuck by my own views. Play at the pace that is comfortable. Be more aggressive. The Addicks are known for playing on the ground. Don`t get drawn into lobbing the ball pointlessly up the field. Use your wide men more productively to open up the game. Create chances by playing more dangerous balls into the penalty area. Above all, be professional. To get victory by playing smash and grab, that is not a good way of building continuity, rhythm or momentum.

Another stern test at MK Dons. They are not doing so well themselves. Sitting just above us would suggest this game could and should finish in a draw. Lose this one and we will well and truly rooted to the bottom. Win, we can hope, and we will move a little up the table looking a bit more comfortable.

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