Date: 3rd June 2016 at 3:00pm
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Few are unlikely to disagree with Diego Poyet’s assessment that Charlton aren’t going to be able to move forward under the ownership of Roland Duchatelet.

In fact the chances are we’ll continue to struggle under our Belgian owner….

Poyet, who perhaps with the benefit of hindsight could feel he left Charlton too soon (no doubt he’s glad he did though) as he’s struggled to make an impact at West Ham and may well continue to do so, returned to the club for a loan spell this season from the Hammers.

Having returned to West Ham Poyet believes unless Charlton owner Duchatelet moves on the Addicks will continue to struggle and find it hard to get back to Championship level from League 1.

The midfielder told the News Shopper in an exclusive interview he didn’t see any success if he remains in place, asked if the future could be positive he said.

‘Personally, no. It`s just the way the club`s changed over the years since I`ve left. I don`t think there have been many positives, to be honest. The people holding the club together are the ones who have been there in the past. Obviously, there have been new additions that have improved things, but overall, there needs to be a change for the club to bounce back and really start pushing towards the Championship.’

The additions brought in to try and improve the club last season, and stave off relegation, came too late in the opinion of Poyet who came back in January following a stint with MK Dons in the first half of the campaign.

He added if you’re continually fighting relegation the inevitable will happen, as it did us.

‘You have to have a good season in the Championship, not to be fighting relegation every year, because it`s only a matter of time before you are relegated. Considering Charlton have fought relegation under him (Duchatelet) before, for example, last season they should have really had a better squad earlier on, instead of rushing signings towards the end.’

Protests towards the owner continued as the season unfolded, and they’ll continue going forward.

The 21-year-old finished by saying he could complete understand why the fans are so unhappy with Duchatelet yet still hopes the struggles can end and promotion from League 1, which isn’t a level the Addicks should be at, can come about.

Which would only be possible if the players that ‘really care’ remain if nit it’ll be ‘very tough’ simply to compete in League 1.

‘I totally understand, 100 per cent, why people are angry and they have every right to be. A club like Charlton shouldn`t be in League One. Hopefully they can keep the players that really care about the club. They will be the ones that help the club back into the Championship. If they don`t manage to keep those players, then it`s going to be very tough.’

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