Plan B Needed Admits Curbs

Image for Plan B Needed Admits Curbs

Curbs has admitted Charlton need a plan B after drawing with Fulham last night.

‘The secret is out a bit, people have looked at us and said ‘we have got to do this, stop that and work ever so hard’.

‘It is up to us, when that happens, to have a ‘Plan B’. I’ll take the point, because it has been a good start for us, but it is a long season.’

‘After they scored, we panicked a little bit, and we looked like we were trying to hit million-dollar balls, and we never really got going, it was set up for us to go second and show people what we are about, but it didn’t quite work.’

However, with a season start that has seen 16 points come from 8 games and a lofty fifth place in the table Charlton can afford a few slip ups… long as it’s only a few!

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