Date: 21st January 2018 at 11:42am
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I have to eat humble pie for my incorrect report of the events at the Valley. The proposed meeting with Richard Murray in front of the West Stand was in fact conducted behind closed doors. The original call from CARD had been postponed to give Addicks director, Richard Murray, time to discuss the future of the club with the Charlton Supporters Trust.

I am aware of the importance of accuracy when writing something concerning a delicate matter such as the upheaval this club has and is going through. I failed on this occasion to bring to my readers the correct input of what was going to happen on Saturday. The press conference with Richard Murray was conducted in private and not broadcast or in front of the supporters. It was hoped by giving him the chance that he might clarify the present situation at Charlton.

The outcome is not known to me at this moment in time. What I can say and I quote words from Richard Murray: My opinion, and this only an opinion of what might happen, I would say the most likely month is February. Unquote. He has his own gut feeling and might know more than he is prepared or can say at this moment in time. He has hinted that two consortiums are involved and one is further ahead than the other. They are still in negotiations, they are active.

Will progress be made? We the supporters can only wait and in the hope that any outcome will be submitted to us with some concrete evidence to support it. In the meantime let those best equipped handle the oncoming events that will transform this club back to a stable sporting venue. Faith moves mountains, we only want to move the owner.

On a lighter note. The results against Walsall was never in doubt. The Addicks made heavy weather of finding a way through the visitor`s rear guard. The first-half showed little promise of what was in store. The Addicks seemed to labour trying to get some fluency, especially in midfield which is the driving force of any football team. I`m very concerned of Solly`s captaincy. His presence was more of a hindrance than a reassurance to his squad. He made the error that led to Walsall`s equaliser by not closing down to prevent the ball finding the shortest player number ten, who had time to head the ball into the net. Lively little player, we could use a central player of his speed and ball play.

All is well that ends well. The Addicks have now clocked up three wins on the bounce, not bad considering we have some influential players still crocked. I must also include Magennis in my gallery of rouges. He himself would probably admit his shortfalls. Yesterday he once more had a one to one with the keeper and just as in games before, he messed it up. This low in form must have some bearing on confidence. I don`t wish to over analyse on why he has not produced a better understanding of the game of late. I hope his goal drought is temporary, and when he finds his shooting boots the floodgates will open.

All in all a good performance once the Addicks got into their stride. Mind you, teams with a low goal scoring record do have an open invitation, even with the Addicks lack in producing goals from all parts of the pitch to grind out a result. Blackpool next. I don`t wish to put the mockers on this game. But I`m sticking my neck out and predict a win for the Addicks. Slender one, but a win nevertheless. More wins from the eighteen games left will increase the confidence of the team leading up to the play-offs.

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