Date: 5th June 2017 at 10:12am
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The Football season concluded with all the play-offs settled and the Addicks know who they will be in contest with. I`m very concerned that we have not added any real power to our team for the forthcoming season. Yes, we can blame the ownership for not investing in new players which is something that many supporters are now sounding off about, and for once I have to agree with their concern.

Last season we failed to compete in this very competitive division one where every team are battling to do well to get promoted automatically or at the very least end in the play-offs. I hate to admit it. Millwall did what many thought the Addicks could achieve and fulfilled their ambition and got promoted via the play-offs at Wembley against Bradford City.

Being a long time Charlton supporter and having seen our club and team take many nasty knocks through some turbulent times that saw managers and players departing, can`t be good for the moral of players and spectators alike. It is unsettling and can reflect on performances which I personally felt was the case with our team last season and the season before.

Investment is the key to success and that goes in any business. Whether it is in industry or in our case football, it makes all the difference in the bigger picture of things. We have an owner who many feel does not care enough to make the difference. This might well be the case judging on how things have developed since he took over the club from the bankers. Demonstrations and a general feeling of discontent to the reality that revolves round the club had many supporters turn against the owner, and to bring this home, have refused to come to games or to purchase season tickets while they are in control.

Will the discontent ease through the coming season, or will the support for the team dwindle even more? All because the things that caused all the upheaval last season are still in place and don`t look like changing sometime soon. Last season was a mess. There were times when we could not buy a result with many teams coming down to the Valley almost being assured a win or a draw. The under fire Addicks team, who were let down by their own supporters who were not showing enough encouragement towards the players that represented the colours, played its part. In the wake of all this many in the stands, and they were sparsely occupied all season, could be forgiven for thinking negative thoughts on how we will ever get through at this level, never mind a higher one at the time.

On a positive note. It is fair to say, in spite of all the misplaced performances that saw the Addicks struggle throughout the season, they did rally to improve their league position to secure league one status, which if this was reversed, would have been dire to say the least.

Dire indeed. If third tier football had a problem filling seats, fourth tier most certainly would have been catastrophic. Yes I know the owner is the problem but we have to remain focused. Yes, it appears that the club is going forward with the players they have at the moment. Many supporters who were there last season would not if they had to choose feature in the selection to represent the Addicks. This is not the team of our choice, but this is the team we have to support. I`m not going to rattle on about all that was wrong with Charlton the club and Charlton the players last season. It has been said many times and quite frankly it is starting to bore me.

It is said that the stadium at Charlton is a Premiership Stadium and that the team should be playing premiership football. With the right attitude from the players and the manager and some positive thinking from all attached to the club, I can see no reason why this coming season couldn`t be the start of the push to achieve just that. Support the players and don`t stay away simply because of our owner. Have your say by turning up it would make all the difference.