Date: 1st November 2015 at 1:40pm
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The roars and boos of the previous game have hardly stopped ringing in our ears, when they were reactivated by our third dreadful performance in three outings. I’m sitting by my keyboard trying very hard to make any sense out of what has become what was once a proud Charlton, a vibrant Charlton, and a Football Club that stood tall amongst its equals, and quite honestly there are tears in my eyes as I`m writing this article. Has everything we as supporters have worked for become meaningless? The past eighteen months have been the most trying times within this club. Where the mainstream supporters, myself included, thought things could not get any worse, they have. I`m not just referring to our team`s inability to perform, it goes far deeper than this.

Every day I’m reading our supporters views on Facebook, on the Charlton website, and on anything Football, and quite frankly I share most of their comments and concerns. Some however, are over the top and unprintable and should be kept in thought and not in words. When I see and read that our new interim manager Karel Fraeye has not given a first interview which is something even Luzon did, or no forthcoming statement from the club, I get the impression there is something not quite right with the set up, and alarm bells start ringing.

But this was soon reversed. Although he did not give the usual press conference, he did give an interview??once again to the clubs website!! This was followed on Friday, when news filtered through that CEO Katrien Miere and none-executive chairman Richard Murray will meet with representatives of fans` groups to discuss recent concerns surrounding the club. Putting everything together in one large pot that has been simmering for many months and trying to remove all the stubborn bits that want cook. By making a real honest effort to stabilize the failings in this club, will there be anything left to stew over? The bad taste this might leave in the mouth might need a lot of sugar to sweeten the leftovers. Is this a positive sign, or will this be another gloss over and when the paint is dry all the cracks will once again re-appear?

I could keep on in this frame of thought all my article, but perhaps it would be best to write something about yesterday`s game at the Riverside. On second thought, I will not to write about the game in depth. Writing about our team that has been totally savaged over the last three games is far too upsetting even for me who is used to the Addicks fighting to regain belief and to stay in touch with the rest of the Championship.

Instead here is a small passage from an article that came to my attention. I can`t ever remember the Addicks being written about in such a manner that it has drawn my attention to read how the Football League Paper has criticised Roland. It compares` Roland with Massimo Cellino of Leeds Utd. The article states and I quote. The Belgian thought he could rock up, sign a few foreigners, and stroll straight into the top flight. But like the unhinged Italian, he discovered that the Championship deals savagely with those who underestimate it. Unquote.

The Championship is cruel to those teams who can`t handle the fast flowing football. We have shown in past games that this is the case. I fear for our team. We have a manager in place who openly said, and I quote: I saw a positive in losing here at Middlesbrough`. Is he for real? Who in their right mind sees a positive angle in getting humiliated? If he thought holding of Middlesbrough for 60 minutes when the score-line could easily have been 6-0 as a positive, then God help us. To make the last comment even more unsettling, he has expressed his desire to take on the managing of Charlton on a permanent basis. The sad part about that is, he probably will get the hot seat, judging on Roland`s past insane postings. Roland believes what he is doing is just. All of us who have witnessed his running of Charlton would positively not be singing from the same song sheet. Although many will see the meeting between CEO and Murray as a step in the right direction, it at least proves they are listening. But surely. Why the few who are going to be invited should be subjected to second hand information beats me. Roland, who holds all the aces, should be the one who gives his version on why the club is facing a possible revolt, by supporters who have had enough.

However. The randomly selection of supporters from the database has in the past been useless. What this needs is a strong representation of supporters who will not wilt under the questions they will asked and the answers they may get in return. This might not be what they had bargained for. Whatever the outcome may or may not achieve from this meeting, I hope it will at least go some way in healing the little wounds that have now been opened and are in need of urgent attention, the big ones might never heal. Richard Murray needs to draw on his vast experience and knowledge he has developed over the years with Charlton and if necessary pass this on to Katrien Miere.

We supporters should support the players. Turning our back on the team, booing them of the field when results have not gone our way, does not inspire the team. Deep resentment in what the Roland bandwagon has done and why it has taken this long to get a response from those who could at least shed some light, will never quite be understood. We at Charlton have to believe common sense will prevail and we are not going to allow the club to be drawn into obscurity by mismanagement.

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