Date: 8th July 2019 at 10:42am
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Hugely unpopular owner Roland Duchatelet has once again had some of his possible properties vandalised after news broke that Mehmet Dalman has ‘walked away’ from the takeover talks after Roland raised his asking price from £30million to £50 million despite stating that he won’t raise the asking price if we get promoted.

The newest place to be vandalised looks like a garage that has been sprayed painted with things we can’t exactly say on here, but it seems to be directed at someone called Joe who is supposedly Roland’s brother basically telling him to tell his deluded brother to sell CAFC and go away to put it politely whilst also commenting on his oral hygiene. I would normally place the tweet below, but unfortunately due to restrictions that are not happening.

The thing is with stuff like this it has a knock-on effect, now I’m not saying we should all be nice to Roland because trust me that’s the last thing I want to do after all he has put us through. However, doing things like this will anger him and we know what a bitter person he is, he will use this against all of us. How he will do it remains to be seen, but I don’t think a takeover will be done anytime soon.

The rumours circulating around Twitter saying that the takeover was going to be completed on the 1st of July were nothing more than an empty statement, to be honest it was expected because I believe that Roland has no intentions to sell. If he really wanted to sell he would have taken one of the first offers that came the way he claims he is desperate to sell, but people who are desperate in any situation want to get out of it as soon as they can, but with him it’s different.

I think that he wants to run Charlton into the ground and sell off the land to build houses and apartments and then he becomes even richer. This year we have been listed an Asset of Community Value which means the ground will be protected for at least the next five years so that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Even if Roland did want to do exactly that we as Charlton fans know he will never get away with it.

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8 Replies to “More vandalism takes place in Belguim in the wake of Dalman’s takeover collapse”

  • Get facts right
    He has not walked away the talks have stalled
    The price was not increased and is still at 33 mill

    Problem that Dalman found the same as the Aussies are problems with directors loans , hidden financial debt left from TJ and Slater ……. Dalman people confirmed all this .

  • That’s not the way to do it, get real, we all want him to sell but actions like this are also not going to impress any potential buyer, they are discussing millions of pounds and as so it has to be dealt with In a grown up manner, we should want the buyer to feel comfortable with his purchase, not wondering what’s going to happen to him if he’s not liked, not sticking up for Roland but actions like this only go to backup his gripes, protest by all means, but not that kind of ‘s_ _t’.


  • To anyone who get or thinks of getting involved in this sort of thing…please don’t do it, things can get worse you know.
    Keep the complaints non divisive and no damage to private property.

  • I agree with John West..we don’t know who did this vandalism and as usual cafc supporters are evidence to prove this whatsoever ..right from the off Roland has had visions of blocks of flats on our ground..he’s not interested in our club and never has been right from the off..the silly money he’s asking is proof that he’s not wanting to sell one bit and is going to do his utmost to make it tough for all connected with and fans alike will all be Affected..Roland Duchetelet is a business man and surely investing in CAFC would have been to his advantage if he had done so..we were in the championship when he took over and instead of going up we went down..any good players we’ve had have been sold but nothing put back into the club in good players coming to Lee bowyer managed to do what he and the team achieved was unbelievable..the players he bought in have been brilliant..Sheila Wilton …upper north stand

  • Of course Charlton supporters did this and I agree with it too! You need to fight battles on all fronts both through diplomacy and with direct action especially against such an arrogant, selfish and greedy individual. Roland is so selfish and thinks only about himself. What other owner would have missed his teams day out at Wembley because he ” feared for his own safely”. Him him hIm all the time

  • No problem with this at all. No-one was hurt and is nothing compared with the Standard Liege fans who broke into his club office which coincidently preceded the sale of the club. Hopefully ‘brother Joe’ tells his brother to stop being a greedy git and sell the club.

  • Hi all I am not rat lover by no means we are in a big sorry state more than we all know but I don’t think vandalism is the answer look at least got a club he’s paying wages and we are still going I think we should forget any takeover he’s hear and that’s it let bows run the football and support him and the team he puts out let the club run its own way if the team is doing well great that will give the rat furry teeth and hurt him more than damage to his property come on you reds let’s fight him the right way

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