Date: 31st October 2016 at 11:03am
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What matters right now is the feel good factor. Feeling good is something that many supporters have forgotten how to do. The Valley at the moment is not a happy place to visit. Whether you are an away supporter or a home supporter it matters very little. The feeling of discontentment and disharmony has swept through the stadium with no signs of the downward slide stopping. The win against Chesterfield should have brought some relief, but looking around the dreary faces and the amount of seats that are vacant, has brought home to me that we at Charlton are sad. CARD has one aim and that is to bring this club to its knees by playing into the hands of the owners who already regard the supporters surplus to requirement.

I can`t help feeling aggrieved by the situation at Charlton. Freedom of speech day. What was that all that about? What has this achieved? Banners spelling out the feelings of a small section in the crowd was hardly enough to make a dent into the overall problems that surround this club since the start of this season. I`m getting very tired of all this pressure employed to bring back the Charlton of yesteryear, which looking at the way things have moved on, has not made an ounce of difference.

The demonstrations might have been in full swing some months ago, but now they have gone in reverse and have become as useless as some of the play the Addicks have produced at home and away. Something tells me that many supporters are staying away simply because they have been drawn into a situation that if not complied with they might lose face. The reason I make this comment is that where I sit the entire section is for season ticket holders. Yet there are so many seats empty it makes me wonder who they really want to hurt? Why buy a season ticket and then don`t attend. Many past supporters are talking about not putting money in the owner`s pockets. I`m totally at a loss here. Have they not already done this by their purchase? They might just as well have given the money to a charity.

The Valley is crumbling and I don`t mean its infrastructure. We have come a long way since our return from obscurity. We have enjoyed the Premiership years that had the Valley buzzing. Our supporters are one of the best in this league if not throughout all four divisions. But now we are being watched and judged because of failings not only on the pitch but on the depleted support we are receiving because of a hate campaign that is seen by many not to end.

Many writers are referring to the lack of response from our team. What are they saying? There is no need for a degree in people skills to work out why this club is going to the dogs and the players are feeling the negativity amongst the supporters each time they take to the pitch. Straight away the finger is being pointed at our owner. Rubbish. He is not responsible for the team and how they are performing. These failings are down to our manager and the tactics employed. On the pitch we are being entertained, but have shown little composure in trying to mend the rift that has become the norm from bad results that have plunged this team in the wrong direction. Far too many draws that have shown how weak our players are. For weeks we have been turning up as a team but there has been no team spirit. When Slade was appointed, which was one of the main agendas and gripes the supporters had with the set up at the Valley, many thought this would appease the hungry crowd who were seeking revenge for all the wrong doings imposed on them. But no, it was not enough. They wanted more and are not going to stop until they get it.

I get the feeling, even if results improve and the team is starting to play the football expected of them, there still will be the unsettled elements amongst the hard core supporter that finds disruption a form on entertainment. We might never get back the Charlton we all want, but to continue with systematic upheavals can only damage the very fragile state this club is in. I want all this to stop. Many out there who are supporting the team want the same. It is not the owners who are driving this club into the ground, but the supporters who think by allowing themselves to be railroaded by a promise of a better future should think on what they are doing in the long run. The support is divided. It must reunite or die. It is up to all of us.