Date: 8th February 2010 at 3:40pm
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On a lighter note…we have loads of overseas managers no doubt attracted by the vast sums of money slopping around our game. However the dour and thrifty Scottish managers have done pretty well over the years, usually on tight budgets, Sir Alex excluded.. he did have loads of money but that might change.

So I propose that Phil Parkinson check his lineage to see if there is any Scottish blood circulating his veins…if no great great granddad comes to light I suggest he buys a Scottish Lordship on the Internet.. I’m told they do not cost much and change his name to a more Scottish sounding name…Lord Hamish Phillip Mac Parkinson…

He already has the dourness, the temper (kicking plastic bottles) and we have no money….so a change of nationality to Scottish might be good for Charlton What do you think…is it worth a try?

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