Date: 30th January 2019 at 10:33am
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So, after days of negotiations and speculation, Karlan Grant has left us to go and join Huddersfield in the Premier League. This is one of those transfers that leave a bad taste in your mouth, he left us in a very bad situation I’m sure after all the years he’s been here he would know him leaving would be a massive blow to us especially where we are now, we have no senior strikers who can play in the next two games, he must have known that Roland would snatch that two million as soon as it becomes available and honestly I’m not happy over this transfer there is so much wrong with it.

It’s not great for us but it’s not great for football either, just goes to show the amount of loyalty there is compared to twenty-thirty years ago it really is worrying for the game with the amount of money that’s being thrown around and it’s only going to get worse for everyone.

But still, there are a few positives we can take from this transfer, to be honest. If we look at Karlan as a player was he really that great? Honestly, I don’t think so, I think he was fortunate to be playing alongside Lyle Taylor this season otherwise he would be doing nowhere near as good as what he did. Let’s take the Shrewsbury game as a prime example, how many ones on ones did he manage to fail it was absolutely countless, he must know himself he doesn’t have the quality to play in the Premier League he’s going to make a fool of himself thinking he can play in the top tier, which begs the question was this move purely for the money? Of course, it was.

No need to keep on dwelling on this situation it’s happened now so we just got to find the right man to replace him.

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