Date: 11th September 2017 at 12:08pm
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Boycotting has not worked thanks to those who have decided to attend games to show solidarity. Addicks everywhere who have made the decision to stay away from home games; don`t you think it is time to reconsider your action and return to support the team I know you want to support, but feel by doing so you will lose face with those who have turned your heads against what really is in your blood.

There is no shame in changing one`s mind and rekindle your love affair with the inform team of division one, Charlton Athletic. But I`m attending every home game and some away ones as well, and when I say to you there is no greater feeling in sport than to be at the Valley right now to see our boys play football to a high level. The only thing that makes me sad is, to see the once packed terraces empty that not so long ago were packed to the rafters.

I`m really not sure continuing the fight with the owner bears any fruits. Yes in the earlier days things were allowed to get out of hand and many supporters were not happy with the way things had escalated. To make their feelings heard, many decided to stay away from home games but still attend away fixtures.

But I feel this is slowly becoming history. Damaging as this boycott may have had to the revenue of the club and match day receipt, all those who are adamant that they will never set foot into the Valley again should ask themselves one simple question: Why?

Why? ‘`I`m sure you want the team to do well, but can`t bring yourselves to swallow your pride and return to witness first-hand how the team you used to support is bringing renewed hope. Playing the type of football associated with the Addicks when Chris Powell powered his players into the Championship.

You probably are secretly checking the results behind closed doors so not to attract attention, but if you are honest and truthful with yourselves, would you rather be at the Valley in person to experience the excitement first-hand? ‘`you would, splendid“

Well then. If the answer is yes, what is stopping you? Oh I know I forgot, ‘`Pride“ Another question? Pride to whom, yourselves or, has it gone on so long you can`t be bothered to change the habit that has taken over my life. Let me tell you this. My thought! If I was in charge of this club I personally would make sure all those who took it unto themselves to boycott Charlton would never have the opportunity to return to take their place on the terraces. Can`t support the club when things are bad, then when we are on the up we don`t need your support. That`s me, this is what I would do. But then again I`m mad, so I`m told by some of my readers!

I know this would never happen. A club would never boycott supporters just because they have a grievance. It still makes me very sad to see what has become of the solid support that Charlton used to have. The blame game has been bandied about for far too long and if what has happened on the pitch so far has not convinced those who have stayed away, then I`m sad for them.

Robinson has transformed the player`s attitude towards the game and infused new belief throughout the club. It would be a real confidence booster if the players could see the stadium full when they take to the pitch. We have a great chance to bring back some pride to Charlton, don`t let conflicts between us and the owners develop into a long-term battle. There is enough uncertainty growing throughout the world. Let us enjoy what we have for the future of Charlton Athletic.


4 Replies to “It is Time to Reconsider”

  • What kind of idiotic argument is that, asking people to reconsider & then saying that you would personally ban them?
    It suggests that you don’t understand the genuine grievances that people had & continue to have with the current regime. It is not & never has been about the team.
    I am reconsidering because it does seem as though lessons are being learned & there is some stability at last.
    I haven’t made my mind up yet & luckily it is not up to you who may or may not support ‘your club’. I’ll make that decision thanks very much.

  • You really do write a load of cobblers. I am a boycotter and will remain so until the current ownership/CEO leave. They will eventually…and I will return. In the meantime stop writing such utter crap. Buffoon.

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