Date: 15th February 2018 at 1:52pm
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Over the many seasons that I have supported the Addicks, I had endured some bad games. I also said on more than one occasion, this was going to be my last season supporting this team. But like a true gluten for punishment I soldered on and tried very hard to remember to good times.

The ups and downs are no stranger to Charlton. Since the birth of this club from the banks of the River Thames by some boys playing football, this club has been through some rough times. Catapulted from one area to another before they settled at the Valley which would be their spiritual home.

It took many years for the Addicks who incidental took this name from a fish monger and it soon became their nick-name right up to this present day. Founded in 1905 the club soon established as a footballing unit to become a force in South East London.

Today we have a club all who support the Addicks should be proud of. Here is that word again, ‘Support` we could all dwell on the past and reminisce on the great footballers we had on show who did us proud. Nothing wrong with a little soul searching it keeps alive a healthy approach for the club of today.

That brings me to the Addicks of now. When I go to watch the men in red who wear the shirt they should be proud of not giving hundred percent, I too think back to the glory days when our boys played for the club and wore the shirt with pride.

Pride should always be the most important thing to an Addick. The be part of Charlton footballing family is earned and not a given rite. Therefore, when I see how things have gone from the days of players showing real grit and determination I ask myself, how has this happened. We can blame all who have ever wore a Charlton shirt. We can blame everyone who is involved with the club right through the system. But in the end of the day must show our support for the players, their manager, and yes even the backroom staff.

The club is going through a transition period which may have a long-lasting effect on the future of Charlton. Such a change could and may have affected the team`s performances. I`m not trying to justify the results on the pitch in recent games. The players after all are professional`s and should be able to put behind any uncertainties that may or might not be making them feel just a little uncomfortable.

This uncertainty is not just on the players faces, it is spilling over to the supporters who have yet to be convinced all the hype surrounding the club`s recent takeover is going to bear fruits and is going to happen. Bad results we might just be able to take, although, if we want to be in the shake-up at the end of the season, we must produce a better understanding in the penalty area where in recent game`s our lads have let us down badly.

Many supporters have voiced an opinion that they fear a change of ownership will not influence the present situation on the pitch. Opinions matter and everyone is entitled to make them, but they need have the right input and not be negative.

I could not totally forgive our team the way they have squandered leads in the last three games, and rightly so. If writing about them would reverse the score, then there would be a point to the exercise.

No, I want to believe we still have an outside chance to be up there. I know in the past I have written quite the opposites and even used words such as shambolic, gutless, clueless. But deep down like all Addicks I want us to be back where we belong.

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