Date: 25th May 2020 at 8:58pm
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Today has been one hell of a rollercoaster ride, we have gone from Bassini’s offer being accepted to Marian Mihail claiming that Bassini will never have anything to do with Charlton and now Huw Jenkins is still the front runner to secure the troubled club.

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There was a slight rock in the road regarding Jenkins’ bid for Charlton, it was an exclusivity deal where only he could secure the club within the time frame, however, that time frame has expired and he said he needs more time to properly secure us, which is fair enough with everything going on at this football club!

The potential new Charlton owner spoke with Sky Sports earlier today and here is what he had to say

“Charlton have a number of things attached to the club with the current owners, past directors and past owner.

“All of those still have a link to the club and cause a lot of uncertainty. I was fully aware there were big challenges to try to correct all of that.

“Those three or four different things that could potentially impact on the field it can be a big hindrance. The quicker those are resolved under one leadership then that will be a good thing for the future.”

“It’s not down to me fully, it’s down to the current owners and their need to quickly do a deal.

“Personally, I need more time to be clear and just move forward cautiously to make sure things are right for myself. The other side I’m not in control of, the need of the current owners and the timescale they need to operate in.”

At least he is level-headed and knows what he wants to do before rushing into things here and making more mistakes than good decisions, let’s just hope that he is the man who comes in and saves us because there is one thing for sure we need saving!

Right now Charlton need to get £400k together to pay the wages for the month and it has been said that Jenkins’ bid is £1million and that comes with the deal to buy The Valley and Sparrows Lane.

There is so much tied to the club right now and in this current climate anyone would be mad to buy Charlton, or someone who sees a great opportunity, with great fans, a brilliant ground and a fantastic foundation to build off of and if this is our man, he will be welcomed with open arms!

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