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Charlton completed the scalping of the night, by banging all five penalties home as billionnaire Chelsea go crashing out.

‘I had to bully a few into taking them, Hughesy was very confident. He’s a penalty taker and wanted the last one while Benty wanted the first. It was just a case of filling in the middle.?

Curbs told reporters after the game.

‘The first time I thought about penalties was at the end of the first half of extra-time and I could only get four names on the sheet because all of my takers were off, Danny Murphy and Darren Ambrose would have taken one, as would Talal El Karkouri, but he ended up coming off near the end.’

‘When the draw came out it was possibly one of worst we could have got,’ he said. ‘I did say at the time though that we’ve had some fantastic draws over the years and not taken advantage of them, so maybe it would be our night.’

‘Scoring so quickly after they got in the lead was a big boost for us. We were very disappointed with John Terry’s header, he’s done it to us again with a free header.

‘But we got straight back into it and I think that was the turning point of the whole game. They made some changes for the game but they are so strong in every department. My boys defended magnificently and our keeper pulled off a couple of saves.

‘It’s been a great night for us. As we came off I did make them go back to the fans as it’s their night as much as anything.

‘I know a cup run would mean a lot to the fans and I get a lot of letters about it,’ he continued. ‘Middlesbrough gave us great hope a few years ago when they won the League Cup because if you look at the recent finals of both cups they traditionally involve some of the top three or four sides.

‘Who knows what will happen in the next round. Lets hope we get a decent draw and hopefully we’ll move on.’

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  • bernie says:

    Well done Charlton, Curbs has done a storming job with that team, and last nights performance showed that they deserve there position in the league. Well played!

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