Date: 25th January 2018 at 12:21pm
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Hands on heart all those who are optimistic that when the take-over everyone is dreaming about happens it will bring back all who have abandoned the Valley while we are in the grips of Duchatelet. Too difficult question to answer! I thought so.

Human nature being what it is, we have this tendency, if it isn`t what we want, and then we don`t really miss it. That goes with everything we humans do. A good example of this is, Charlton Athletic whose home is at the Valley. Nothing new I hear you say. Many clubs have gone through contriversary and upheaval because the supporters took a dislike to administration issues or the why the club is run. This stems from the rocky who polishes the boots right up to the owner himself, in Charlton`s case Roland Duchatelet.

Duchatelet has been a pain in the proverbial for the past four years, dismantling the very fabric of Charlton that many thought he was doing for personal gain. By all accounts, at first no one really took much notice and he was hailed as a Charlton`s saviour when he rescued the club form the two bankers. But as the saying goes: you should never judge a book by its cover. And so as the weeks turned into month, it became apparent that our saviour was far from what we had hoped.

To cut to the chase, he soon became an enemy of the supporters who demanded him to give back the club to the fans who were not contented with his handling of club affairs. He further damaged the reputation in the eyes of many by installing a total unsuited person as his CEO. Unqualified to do a highly charged job within the club, she set about introducing ridicules changes that further angered the supporters. The fans sofa which I`m sure caused a few raised eyebrows from away supporters. Numerous other things were introduced at her height of her unpopularity, that if I want to name them all, it would be a book.

For years we have been hoping that Duchatelet would sell Charlton without so much of a deffidant buyer showing interest. In the wake of this and to back it up, demonstration and a show unity from supporters gave the club something to think about. It did not always go down too well because at times all who gathered in front of the West stand thought they were being mocked by the then CEO who would be seen at the window smirking.

No longer with us, we have now entered a new era where it looks like the long lasting hope wished for is going to become reality. But a word of caution. Be careful what you wish for. Having been through a very unsettling period that has seen many changes, who can be sure that the new owner whoever they might be will be any different. After all, Duchatelet started off with good intentions and no one saw what was instore would tear this club apart.

Many bloggers have written just as I have on numerous occasions. Wouldn`t it be great if the Valley could be full again just like the old days. I say to this. Grievances are on thing. The systematically boycotting of home games to vent your anger at your owner is not doing the club any favours. All those who have stayed away for the past years, have they any idea how this hurts those who have stood by the club and team. Seeing the Valley empty could not be more embarrassing to a true supporter.

I want to believe that things will improve when the new ownership is in place and the Valley be full, but like I have already said, what you don`t have, you don`t miss. Will all those really want to come back when they have done without the Valley this long? I somehow doubt very much that a new owner will bring a U-turn from those who have stayed away and helped to destroy Charlton. Prove me wrong. I`ll be the first one to eat humble pie, if all that is wrong with the club will be put right by the change of ownership.

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