Date: 3rd October 2007 at 5:32pm
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As has been highlighted, my match reporting skills on Addicks matches ‘are not very good.’ I accept this, and would agree to an extent. Why should you care, well this is where you come in, hopefully?

I’m looking for someone from this website who is willing to contribute to Vital Charlton by writing Match Reports for each Addicks game and then submitting them to me and I will publish on your behalf (giving you the credit of course.)

Yes I admit the reports that I produce are not particularly good, not that they are as bad as maybe some (mentioning no names Mr Tiger from Vital Hull 🙂 you know who you are!) may have you believe. Time constraints and not being at matches make it hard for me to produce these as well, so if you are willing to help please do, if you can this will be appreciated and will make Vital Charlton better for us all.

So if this interests you please email me and I will get in touch.

Hopefully one of the many, many members that we have here will be prepared to help me out? Share these feelings below, or email me so we can discuss them.

It’s easy to register, simply click the link and start getting involved by having your say on this great club.


10 Replies to “Help Needed from an Addicks Fan!”

  • I admit my match reports might suck, this is why I am asking for help from someone. I will try to improve them from now on (more detailed and what have you) but hopefully someone else will help me out anyway?

  • Well I’d love to help – but I’m stuck up north and don’t get to the games 🙁 *sobs* . Yeah someone here surely must be able to help. And I wouldn’t worry what someone says – do take negative comments on board – hehe. You are doing just fine I think 🙂

  • your doing great…i live in florida, i could report on jensen beach high school american football, and maybe the miami dolphins and orlando pirates…oh and tampa bay bucs and jacksonville jaguars…i was thinking of sending you a spider plant for all your hard work?

  • Thank-you peps 🙂 Hopefully someone can evetually help me, I will keep this open for a while, but in the meantime I will make the reports in-depth, but basically we just want to know the score so we can talk about it don’t we 😉

  • Awwww I was gonna get you a Tarantula for Christmas, will I cancel the order? 😀 :p YES COME ONE SURELY SOMEONE CAN HELP THE GUY OUT? 😀 😀 😀

  • Please don’t, I don’t like them at all! If no one can do it, I can manage, and will put in extra effort to make them great!

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