Date: 17th July 2017 at 8:41pm
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After the shambles of the Irish friendlies. On Saturday at Welling United, Greenwich Borough and the Addicks showed much more resilience to grind out two wins even though featured were many new faces, some of them completely alien to me.

I`m glad for the boys to have overcome the disappointment of the previous friendlies where they were torn apart in the last two games against Limerick and UCD who took advantage of the fatigue suffered by the Addicks by them playing three games in as many days. I`m not entirely sure what was gained by this punishing spectacle when there must be a certain amount of pride at stake not to be beaten in this manner with many of Charlton`s critics being given the fuel to continue with downgrading the team purely on what they have seen so far.

I get some stick from certain readers who feel I`m overbearing in my articles. I have my own methods expressing how I see things developing at Charlton. I make no apologies for airing my views as I see them. Quite frankly, I write my views down because I feel very strongly about everything that has gone on at the club. In my opinion, it begs belief that a mere handful of stirrers have turned this into a circus with supporters joining in simply because they have been brainwashed, led up the garden path, so to speak, and the most sad thing of all, they are actually enjoyed what they were doing.

I had my say. Now let`s get down to what will make Charlton great again. A new dawn will emerge from all the chaos of last season when we have a team to be proud of. Although friendlies are designed to give us a glimpse of what we are all about, it does not produce the whole picture. We may have to wait until closer to the new season before we have the right balance. But there is a positive side that will make the difference. The long awaited signing of Ricky Holmes has finally happened. An influential player if there ever was one who will make a big impact in how our season will take shape.

Tony Watt has re-emerged as a contender and did feature in one or two friendlies before a dead-leg forced him off the pitch at Welling. With Holmes staying at Charlton and summer arrivals of exciting duo Mark Marshal and Billy Clarke, promotion looks like a realistic possibility. All the signings are a massive intent from the club to have players like Holmes to spearhead the charge and who really want to play for the club.

I really hope the right players in the team signals a confidence boost to the rest of the boys. The club has changed its attitude in how they want to bring a buoyant and vibrant team to the Valley. Now it is up to all the supporters who see nothing but negativity to give the team a chance. Support what is in front of your eyes. They are trying to mend bridges. Don`t destroy them before you have seen the other side.

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