Date: 28th July 2020 at 11:46am
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We have all been waiting for this moment to finally know Paul Elliott’s true intentions for Charlton Athletic and they seem to be about as sinister as what has been teased in recent weeks by fans and fan groups.

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According to The Voice Of The Valley Paul Elliott once saved a private girls school in 2004 only to shut it down nine months later in a quick turn of events where the assets were stripped and sold to the highest bidder.

The school in Derbyshire which was 160 years old at the time had three days’ notice of the closure by Paul Elliott and his consortium as they sold off items including a £300,000 Grand Piano, items that had been donated by parents and all their school equipment.

The school also closed in the middle of an exam period making it extremely difficult for pupils, staff and parents to find new places to go when it was most important.

The 14-acre site was turned into a £19million retirement complex just weeks after the school’s closure.

It goes to show that Paul Elliott might seem okay as a person, but when the going gets tough all of what Charlton have will be sold off, he might try to appear as a savior, but he is certainly the devil in this situation.

The quicker we get him out the club the better, we already knew that this takeover was not what we wanted and now we have confirmation of that, EFL please do your job properly this time, we are counting on you to help save us!

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6 Replies to “Dirt looks to have been dug up on Paul Elliott”

  • I was very doubtful when I saw that the owners were a venture capitalist outfit. They are not interested in the club or in football. They only want to sell the items of value and close down the show. We are doomed unless we can get rid of ESI and anyone connected with them.

  • Probably in bed with Ronald D, and this is a scheme to bankrupt the club and make it unviable so the ground and training ground can be sold off.
    The other clowns for starters should be done for fraud, and the EFL should declare ESI null and void.
    Then see if the other fraudster Ronald wants to sell to someone who is bonafida like Varney and Barclay.

  • Where do these thugs come from ? And why is Charlton Athletic always the fall guy ? CAFC is a grand old club with a lot of history, and, up until recently a properly run, highly thought of member of the FA. Then the money jackals moved in starting with The Belgian. The EFL have been seen to be clearly not fit for purpose which has escalated Charltons problems. The latest jackal appears to be Elliott the asset stripper. It seems very plain what his plans are.
    For goodness sake let Varney take over . He has been a Charlton man for many years and many Charlton fans would trust him to bring us back to the level that we deserve. Kick these thugs out !

  • If I remember back to when Varney was part of the set uo didn’t he & Murry have a falling out resulting in Varney politley leaving . Be interesting to see how that played out if he puts the money in.

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