Date: 20th September 2017 at 11:50am
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The club, Charlton Athletic once again was in the limelight for all the wrong reason. The mentality of some of our supporters surpasses any sort of reasoning that rational people find very hard to comprehend. Just when it was thought all the throwing of objects onto the pitch has died away, someone in the open end at Gillingham thought it was a good idea to remind the supporters of the Addicks that it is alive and kicking.

This person or persons decided the game needed a little livening up. Therefor in their infinite wisdom (I use this word with the opposite in mind) these supporters (not really) threw three smoke bombs of different colour onto the pitch, I presume to disrupt play which they achieved and to show the home side that some of us at Charlton are morons and only have a brain the size of a pea.

What has this achieved? The action did not have the game called off if this was the aim. It did not reverse the score because the Addicks were not playing at their best. It might however, get us in deep water with the FA. What the low-life has done, rekindled the cinders that have all but gone out from previous interruptions at the Valley. Each game played there last season was subjected to all manner of things thrown on the pitch which was unsavoury and pointless to boot.

Now that the calm has been broken, will we see a new wave of interruption aimed at the club and its team because of one idiot or two who have brought back the kind of disruption that might yet prove to be very costly indeed?

The stop and search at the entrance was supposed to eliminate things like the smoke bombs to enter the stadium. Yet it is clear that not everybody was searched otherwise these objects would have been detected. I was searched which to be perfectly honest I did not mind in the slightest. With all that is going on these days I`m all for this, for it gives peace of mind. But having said this, there is a need for this to be thorough not leaving a stone unturned and not to wave supporters through because they have an honest face.

The game at Gillingham was marred that once again reminds us we still have this problem with supporters who go away from the Valley and take with them the problem created at home matches last term and quite frankly that kind of supporter we can do without.

The club which many belief is trying to build bridges. This sort of behaviour witnessed at the Priestfield Stadium is not only foolish it could also further damage an uneasy clam which I`m sure all who want what is best for the club are disgusted by the behaviour and the action these individuals implemented thereafter.

I sincerely hope there are no copy-cats out there who think it is cool to follows those fools down the same path. Every supporters there on Saturday was disappointed by the result especially when the Gills are bottom of the league. A blip, we certainly hope so. It`s not only the team who needs to focus. We also have to be there for the team and show them that we are behind them every step of the way. A good support at the Priestfield, lets follow this up by showing our support at the Valley as well.